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The Ages of Cruul

The Pre-Mortal Age of the Gods (100,000yrs)

The First Pre-Mortal Age- Time began with the death of Evar "Dead God of Time and Space" and KarKoffus "Dead God of death and decay" at the swift and divine hand of The Blackest Shadow "Shaadah" , this act began a 100,000 year war between the God's as they created a lifeless land called Cruul. This age ended when Na'tari "Goddess of Wilderness" decided to create the first life.


The Pre-Mortal Age. The Age of Wilder. (100,000yrs)

The Age of Wilder the when Na'tari "Goddess of Wilderness" formed the first life of Cruul. She placed forests, filled with simple creatures and beasts, and filled the seas with life as well. This was a time of peacefulness without pesky mortal intelligence or complicated languages. Giant lizards walked and horned horses ran with no riders. life was one of pure wilderness. The Gods watched as creatures live together or tore each other apart -and they marveled. This Age is recorded to have Ended with the Creation of Dragons.


The Pre-Mortal Age of Dragons and Magic. (100,000yrs)

In the Pre-Mortal age of Dragons and Magic, Ha'jixx "God of Magic and Knowledge" created magic and used it to twist and pervert many of Na'tari's creations. Giant lizards became powerful Dragons while horned horses became magical Unicorns. Gifts were given to these new creatures in the form of the first intelligence, language and the ability to use magic. This caused the Gods to react in many ways. Evil Gods tempted and taunted the magical perversions while the Good Gods watched in horror and dismay. This age ended when the first 100 Dwarfs were born, thus ending the Pre-Mortal Era.


The Great Dwarven Age. (10,000yrs)

The Age of Dwarves is a significant period in the history of the world of Cruul. It began with the creation of the first mortals, the dwarves, by the deity Gr'Rog  , the God of the Underground. The dwarves were created to hunt down the magical perversions that had emerged during the previous age, and they were given the dwarven language and an inner desire to fight and work. With these abilities, the dwarves were able to create the first empire of Cruul, the OondrG'rog Empire, with Unkus OondrrG'rog, the Emperor, as their holy leader. The dwarves spent the age building grand halls and gigantic churches, and they were the first to work metal, gem, and stone. They also discovered alcohol and song, and they became known for their love of both.   The OondrG'rog Empire lasted for 10,000 years before falling in the first War of Cruul, the The Druugrr War. This war marked the end of the Age of Dwarves and the beginning of the next age in Cruul's history, the Age of Fey.


The Feyan Age. (30,000yrs)

The Age of Fey is a significant period in the history of the world of Cruul. It began with the birth of the first 1000 elves, who sprang from the forests of Cruul and began to worship the deity Na'tari. For the first 10,000 years of this age, the elves enjoyed a peaceful existence, worshipping Na'tari and living in harmony with the natural world. However, in the second 10,000 years of this age, the dwarves and elves came into contact for the first time, leading to a series of wars known as the Dwelven Wars. These wars allowed the elves to become the first magi of Cruul, and they began to master the use of magic. This newfound knowledge and power allowed the elves to gain favor with the deity Ha'jixx, the God of Magic and Knowledge.   In the last 10,000 years of this age, the elves continued to develop their magical abilities, and they began to experiment with more complex and powerful spells. However, this experimentation led to tensions within elven society, as some elves accused others of misusing magic or worshipping evil deities. These tensions eventually exploded into the Fey'slayn War, a bloody conflict that claimed half of all living elven lives and forced the drow into the Underdark to live out their existence.   The Age of Fey ended with the birth of the first gnomes, kender, and halflings. These new races emerged and began to explore the world of Cruul, setting the stage for the next age of Cruul's history.


The Age of Harvest. (1000yrs)

The Age of Havest begins with Farni "Goddess of Harvest and Home" breathing life into the Farnifolk of Cruul (Halflings, Gnomes and Kender.) and blessing them with the knowledge of agriculture. As the first farmers of Cruul they spent their simple lives harvesting a preserving food for hard times if they may come. The Halflings offered the knowledge of farming to the Elves and Dwarves who refused in favor of creating food with clerical aid or hunting beasts. This age is marked as the most peaceful mortal age with no war and a lasting peace between good aligned races. But below in the Undrrdark the Druugar and Drow are harvested and enslaved by a newly discovered evil unbeknown to the surface world. The age ended with the first snow fall in recorded history, the beginning of the Age of Everwinter.


The Age of EverWinter. (1000yrs)

With the first snow fall of Cruul the Age of Everwinter begins. This legendary winter took the good races of Cruul by surprise and it lasted for 1000 years. During this winter all clerical spells were halted leaving the Dwarves and Elves without enough food to survive. The generous Farni Folk save the Elves and Dwarves by sharing their preserved harvests as the good races helped each other through hard times. But by the year 666 of the age of EverWinter- the enslaved Druugrr and Drow learn to raise the first undead of Cruul that aide them in escaping their evil masters. By the year 700, The Drow under King Hixxlrr send the Undead armies against the surface races.
The age ends in the climatic Undead War that ended with the defeat of the Drow and the collaspe of the undead armies, and the end of winter.


The First Age of Man. (1000yrs)

The First Age of Man begins with quarreling elves and dwarves finding the first four humans created by Laydi'wahni "The White Lady". Of the four- one joined the elves, one joined the dwarves and two decided to part ways and forgo life alone. For 1000 years these humans learn to survive Cruul and experience different lifestyles entirely. It is also sometimes called The Age of Giants for Greygor "Dead God of Valor/War" created the first Giantkind during this time to aid the good races in any future wars. This age ended with the human race multiplying faster than any demihuman race before them and settling the lands of Vangash, Hamar, Sahannd and Dunder. The Age officially ended with Saint Killian Karmaduke becoming the first human casting Cleric and the first casting Cleric of Laydi'wahni "The White Lady".


The Second Age of Man- The Age of War (1000 yrs)

The Second Age of man lasted for 1000 years as the human race flourished within their lands. With great help from the Giants, monolithic works of stone were achieved by Humankind. The demihumans watched in awe and fear as the humans built there civilizations faster than any race before them. The elves begin to distance away from mankind as the J'oognn Dwarves declared war on Vangash over mining disputes. This was the first time Humans entered war. The Human-J'oognn War lasted for 11 years before the Dwarves declared the humans the victor- with Vangash ransacking the treasure hoards of J'oognn Mountain as spoils of war. This Age also sees the Kingdom of Sahannd begin to outgrow all other races and Kingdoms by ten fold- consuming forests, mountains and the sea. This age ended with the Giants feeling used and under paid, resulting in the next age.


The Third Age of Man- The Big Giant Wars. (1000 yrs)

The third age began with the Giants declaring war on all humankind. The wars lasted 1000 years almost removing humans from Cruul. During the earthshaking time- Demihumans refused to assist ether side, judging the war as a Human-Giant affair. The Giants- with superior strength -caused extensive damage to all human civilization, bringing a dark age to the four Kingdoms. But humans -with superior intelligence, larger numbers numbers and the Church of Greygor - won the war, forever reducing Giant population and removing them from. human lands. The war officially ended with the last battle of "Vangash vs the Giants". Vangash, surrounded and on the brink of final destruction, received military support from the all the Goodly Dwarves (Even the J'oognn) who arrived in time to save the human kingdom. This battle is recorded as "The Great Fall of Greygor" and it ended with victory for the Dwarves and humans- but death for Greygor "Dead God of Valor/War" . This war made peace and forgivness between Human and Dwarf, forming a new friendship that still stands today.


The Fourth Age of Man- The Modern Age. (998 yrs)

The Modern Age of Man begins with Osheena "Goddess of the Deep" destroying the Kingdom of Sahannd with a divine flood as The Black Blood Flood erupts from the ground all across the surface of Cruul. The age continued with a world-wide decade of war against the newly created M'guguloidic Races of evil. Black Blood flooded street, forest, mountain and plains alike as unarmed hoards of crude things attacked in endless waves of brutality. The destruction and chaos was short lived- as the forces of good pushed the crude things back underground- leaving a world of questions for the humans and demihumans alike. Over 980 years later and The Modern Age finds all sorts of progressive new perspectives taking hold across Cruul. Radical thoughts, new ways, new inventions- The Modern Age is truly modern both in its people and path. Now we live in a world with scholars seeking to explain the past and prevent a similar future. The next Age is coming in 2 years, and both hope and paranoia are alive and well in the minds of all those alive to witness it.



Hamar- Currently doubling down on Laydi'wahni "The White Lady" and seeking to prevent and destroy all evil proactivly. The Church has declared its Clerics as Judge, Jury and Executioner in hopes to appease the Good Gods. The elderly King of Hamar is childless and without heir. The Kingdom is in a constant state of worry over the coming 5th Age and unsure of the future of Hamr's Crown. They pray for the light.   Vangash- After being attacked by Giants (created by a God), flooded with M'gug blooded armies (also created by a God), and then witnessing the Sahannd being destroyed by a God, the scholars and government of Vangash decided law should be controlled by man, not Gods. They also changed all their Churches to multi-God worshipping temples, showing no bias to one over another (with all evil Gods being forbiddon). They are wealthy and educated, and they dare to question the authority of the divine.   Dunder- The tribes of Dunder are too wilder to know exact positions of government or divine stances. Indeed Scholars know more of the hells and heavens then they do about the elusive Dundarians. There is evidence that they still worship and still gather...but to whom and where is unknown.   Crim- Crim, a newly created civilization is enjoying a prosperous age. They welcome traveler and trader alike. The Crimian Trade Council that governs all of Crim all agree that the coming age is a terrifying prospect, but the people of Crim are too happy or busy to be ruining such a good time.   Ecava-The young philosopher city is diligently trying to do founded for- working day and night to figure out the dangers of the coming age and prevent as much harm from it as possible. The City operates away from human and demihuman laws and churches with the freedom needed to look at things with a higher logic and intelligence. Radical solutions need minds to create them.   OnnderG'rog- The Dwarves of OondrG'rog feel safe and ready for whatever challenge befalls their mountain this coming age. They continue traditional life and worship as they always have. They see the catclyism of the Sahannd Kingdom to be fault of silly humans doing silly human things. There is no way Gr'Rog would allow anything too bad to come the way of such perfect people as the OondrrG'rog.   J'oognn- The hysteria of the coming age is doing wonders for commerce and trade. Business has never been better. The J'oognn would rather inflate the sense of fear if they could. Its great for sales.   Hz'torgen- Smartest of the Dwarves- The Hz'Torgens continue to log and record all information of the world of Cruul-in case of a world erasing event- while keeping the written records in the largest library in the mortal world. They are concerned with the coming age, but also find themselves quite safe and the probable survivors in most theoretical coming catastrophes.   F'hergen- The F'hergen continue traditional dwarven lives but blame the humans for all the bad things of this age and the last. They see the humans as a threat to Dwarven kind and think the humans are not being taken seriously as the danger they truly are. They train, mine and stockpile weapons of war, watching the world from their defensive bunkers.   Elves- Elves have distanced themselves from non-Fey creatures and races. They believe the coming age will bring the worst death and destruction seen yet- but they also know it will be no fault of the Fey. Elven politics and plans are not well understood by non-Fey scholars, but most agree that the elves will show no support to the races outside their domain.   Farni-Folks- The Halflings are preserving enough harvest to feed a world. The Gnomes trying to invent solutions and the Kender are without home, wandering the world in hopes to see the greatest coming of age yet.


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