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Overview: Isolon is a town south of Ashshore and north of Dawnford. It is a waypoint between the two human settlements known to be a haven for those who would rather not deal with their strict laws. Unlike most settlements, Isolon wasn't a colony created due to a resource in the area, but instead spawned from the survivors of the great fleet of Isolon that was destroyed before Ashshore was renamed. Isolon became a conveniant stopping point for those traveling between Ashshore and Dawnford and marks the end to the Ashen Waters. It has become a valuable location for smugglers and thieves, all of those who wish to work outside of the law and do not wish to face the Blues and Reds of Ashshore.    Rulership: Current Isolon is officially under the rule of Lady Serenis of the Serenis family. However, it is a bit of an open secret that the Serenis family has maintained rulership of Isolon by selling themselves to the highest bidder. Who moves their hand changes often, be it the Noble Houses of Isolon or the Overlord of Dawnford. The actual Isolon itself has been repurposed into the center of the city and acts as a center of town as well as a last line of defense against Devourers. It is also the home of the Serenis family.    History: The Isolon was the flagship massive fleet built by the previous King Davion. It was the latest in a myriad of attempts to make it back to the Eastern Continent, all previous attempts having failed to leave the Ravian Sea. It is generally believed that past the Ravian ocean there is a different type of Vita which is poisonous to humanity. Combined with the gaze of the Silent Ruler and avoiding the spawn of hunger, it is quite a large task to leave Crurrosia. The Isolon's Fleet however was one of a kind, for unlike the previous attempt, the Isolon itself carried a fragment of the First Flame, large enough to support an entire city. It was surmised that this large flame would be more potent at purifying potentially new Vita they might encounter as they left the Ravian Sea. This hypnosis would never be tested as the fleet was attacked by the Avatar of Hunger not too long after leaving the influence of Termina. The flame carried on the Isolon was scattered into the bay of skulls and produces the ash permeates the Ashen Waters. The Isolon itself was the only ship to survive, as the Avatar left after the flame was cast into the bay. It would barely make it to shore with a small fragment of the flame that remained. Eventually, that land would become the modern day city of Isolon.

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