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Every city in Crundle has a mustachioed strongarm individual called a Rowfister, who serves as a hybrid sheriff/doctor/militia leader for their designated settlement, and in smaller villages occasionally as a forager as well.



Rowfisters fill a variety of functions for their chosen settlements: they are simultaneously sheriffs, militia leaders, community leaders, medics, and occasional foragers.

Lawkeeping & Leadership

Ensuring the legal compliance of the populace is the primary duty of a town's Rowfister, and they universally embrace this job with gusto. Rowfisters are aggressive but just sheriffs, endowed with physical fitness beyond the average person and able to go fist-for-fist with the strongest of species. However, they are slightly prejudiced against the highly affluent and tend to be rougher with rich folk.

Medical Practice

As doctors, Rowfister treatments are usually quite violent, almost always involving punches. A famous Rowfister earache remedy is to hold an angry jackdaw next to the patient's ear and let it peck at the ear. However, their ruthless malpractice has been instrumental in limiting the spread of furby.

Social Status

Though widely disliked, Rowfisters are highly effective at their jobs, earning them a bit of grudging respect from the Crundlean commonfolk.


Long ago, the Rowfisters were a notorious clan of mercenaries who rode about in large canoes. Rather than use paddles, they brutally punched the water into taking them wherever they wanted to go. Their legendary fists were too powerful together, however, so the Tarsilluminati sent one member to every town in the plane to be lawkeepers.

In modern times, Rowfisters are still frequent fistbrawlers, but they've become quite fond of guns and often design absurd and individually unique body-mounted contraptions to fit more guns on themselves.

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Symbol of the Rowfisters

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