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Kingdom of Hearts

The Kingdom of Hearts is a very colorful and bustling kingdom. It has seen a huge growth in technology and standard of living in the last 20 years, thanks to the late King Ferdinand and Queen Mirabelle. Now their young son and his wife, King Frederick and Queen Seraphina have to live up to the legacy of the monarchs before them, while also making their own mark on history.   There are 5 districts in the kingdom. Agapi which the capital Valentino is located in. Enchanta, Allura, Aimere, and Cherish.   The Kingdom of Hearts has an open border policy, because of this it has a very diverse population, people from all over Card come and settle in the Heart Kingdom looking for a new life. The kingdom is home to many artists, since this kingdom rules the arts.   It is the only kingdom with legalized prostitution. Prostitutes are honored instead of criticzed. It is the kingdom of love and sex after all.   But it's not perfect, it has a problem with organized crime. The Sinister Six rule the crime world, they range from petty art thieves to cutthroat mafias to pirates. The former monarchs weren't able to bring the criminals to justice, can the new king and queen?   To the The People of Hearts, tattoos are an important part of the culture. At their coming of age parties, a big part of it is getting your first tattoo, when a couple gets married part of the ceremony is getting tattoos together. Tattoos are used to symbolize something or show status or achievements.


The King and Queen- They have equal power, and are the rulers of the kingdom.   Jack - The Jack is the right hand man of the king and queen and their most important advisor   Ace- the Ace is the personal assassin of the king and queen, but nowadays his role is mainly used as their personal guard.   Councilor - The Councilors are the advisors to the king and queen, each in charge of their own area of expertise.   Chancellor- Chancellors are the judges in The Court of Justice.

Demography and Population

73% Urban   27% Rural   Gender Ratio is even between males and females   Fertility rate is about 3 children per family   Life expectancy is 90.4 years


The kingdom owns the island of Cherish.


Almost everyone believes in the religion of Hearts. Those who don't are tolerated, because it is against the law to discriminate based on religious beliefs, gender, or race.

Agriculture & Industry

While the nation has more urban cities than rural it has a good agriculture system. A lot of farmers have moved from outdoor fields to indoor greenhouses where they can control the weather year round.

Trade & Transport

The kingdom is in a major surplus in trade right now. Their main export is art and luxury goods and their main import is technology related.   The Kingdom has a good public transportation system, the biggest transportation being their trains.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
They export art and luxury goods. They also export crops, fish and meats.
Legislative Body
The King and Queen are the heads of government so they have all the law making power. The King and Queen's Council is just a council of advisors that the monarch's get opinions from.   But even though they have all the power, the king and queen still have laws they must abide by. The government is a Legislative Monarchy which means that the king and queen are the absolute rulers but still have Legislative Laws that they have to follow or they can be expelled from power.
Judicial Body
The Court of Justice
Official State Religion
Religion of Hearts
Controlled Territories

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