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Crowns of Card

1267 D.T.

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In the land of Card there lies 4 kingdoms each with their own culture and monarchs.     Kingdom of Hearts, which puts emphasis on family and love, as well as artistic pursuits. Governed by the young King Frederick and Queen Seraphina.   Kingdom of Diamonds, which is known for it's extravagance and love of showing off it's riches. Led by King Kenzo and Queen Suki.   Kingdom of Clubs, which is known for it's intellectual pursuits. This Kingdom is led by King Ekon and Queen Kalifa.   Kingdom of Spades , which enjoys athletics and it's militaristic achievements. Ruled by King Griffin and his mistress turned wife, Queen Adira .   With 4 kingdoms sharing the same continent, disagreements are bound to arise. The monarchs try to keep the peace so they don't repeat the mistakes of the past, like the tyrannic rule of Czar Kamon the Dreadful before the kingdoms were separated into 4. Or The Horrid War, in which the Kingdom of Spades invaded the Kingdom of Clubs forcing the other kingdoms to rally together to stop them. So with tensions running high the 4 kingdoms have to navigate the political problems that arise not only between the 4, but also within their own kingdoms.

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