Qi'et Magic System (Chi' eht)


(Chi' eht)
  • This is the name of the overall Magic System.
  • Each individual Aspect has it own name

  • Tsum : Prosaic

    The most basic of Magics, but not necessarily the easiest. The SpellBinder uses the components or essences of the spell they want to cast. SpellBinders can have unique combinations of components to create many effects.
    • Prosaic - prosy - pedestrian - matter-of-fact - prose
    Tsum - Prosaic

    Khystu : Divine

    Spells are granted to you by your deity and channeled to you by a sacred symbol or artifact. Cyclic rituals must be performed in order for Divine spells to continue to work.
    Khystu - Divine

    Qylm : Psionics

    Spells cast from mental powers and can be amplified by specific training or 'devices'. • Psionics refers to the practice, study, or psychic ability of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena. Examples of this include telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and others.
    Qylm - Psionics

    Onme : Aether

    The most mysterious of the four Realms, seems to combine all three Realms. Aether Spells are the most difficult to conjure and most often require training from another who knows this Realm.
    Onme - Aether


    I created this Magic System because many magic systems have a logarithmic power curve. Meaning, once a magic user reaches a certain level, they will almost always win against a same level non-magic user.

    I developed and tested this magic system against my character generating system, so both magic and non-magic characters had a chance to win fighting same level characters through levels up to 50th level.

    The system loosely based on Iron Crown Enterprise's (ICE) RoleMaster's magic system, but with less constraining rules. Spell casters, or SpellBinders as they called in this system, choose a realm, but are able to learn spells from any of the other Realms, though it may be difficult for them. SpellBinders are not limited to which spells they can or cannot cast, they just need the Energy and the knowledge.


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