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Crossed Energies Role Playing Character Generator
Crossed Energies is a concise character generating system for any RPG and LARP genre that
allows the creation of fully developed characters in less than five minutes.
Characters are not confined to classes, so players are free to
develop whatever skills they choose for their characters.

• Sixteen Attributes grouped into Four Aspects: Mental, Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical.
• Personality ArcheType based on seven paired Virtues and Vices.
• Skill sets that covers any skill.
• Weapons set that covers a large number of weapons.
• Armour set that covers most armor types.
• Auto-calculates skills when a character changes level.
• Custom modules for magic systems.

Discover the ease of making detailed characters quickly.
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Current Campaign:
LLR FB Campaign

You're all about college graduate age and are the pick of extraordinary students.

School finals are in full swing, but something is amiss...

For all of you, your study and learning terms are coming to an end.
There are two more real-world practical sessions for you to complete, and you have already completed the Urban Session. There are two more: Wilderness and Technology Sessions.
You are currently in the Wilderness Session on na'HeWai.
After completing all three Final Sessions successfully, you may be recruited by various companies, conglomerates, guilds, organizations, or you can try being an independent entrepreneur.

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CECG Background Articles

A few articles that will give some context to the current campaign.

Veldt Elves:

The Second most populous Species.

Qi'et Magic System
This is the name of the overall Magic System. There are four Realms within Qi'et.

There are 6 sub-species of Elves in the Tejat system. This article give a brief description of all of them.

ZalHin LLC - Space Port Conglomeration
There are 5 organizations which supply ZalHin LLC with the needed resources and logistics to manage and maintain the space ports.

Tuari Bongani Qalani Museum of Antiquities and Ancient Studies
Is one of the largest museum on na'HeWan.

Rangipo Elves:

Are cold intolerant; need less water.