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Loakonian (Priceless) (After 416AP)

Loakonian (low-ah-KOH-nee-an) Language: Loakoni (low-ah-KOH-nee) (Meaning: Inestimable, Priceless. Origin: Hawaiian/Polynesian) Colors: Orange (Fire, Focus, Energy), White (Water, Knowledge), Blue (Animals, Power, Ability)   A seafaring island people who believe in balance with nature and hold it in great esteem, valuing the balance of land and sea. They began using nature to power their cities starting with the ocean breeze and the local hot springs, and now use the geothermic power of the volcanoes which they have learned how to adjust and regulate to keep them from erupting, but they also use them as a defense against anyone threatening to invade them as they can set them off at any time and would choose to destroy themselves and their islands rather than be ruled over by others. They have begun to harness the strong storm winds of the perpetual storm above their island chain and are the only people who openly and safely trade with the pirates who between them and the storm using it as cover for their base.


Major language groups and dialects

Loakoni (Hawaiian/Polynesian, Pidgin), Tairuan (Maori)

Average technological level

Geothermal power (volcanoes), Water turbines, Solar power, Hemp and fiber clothing and paper, Hemp and sand or clay bricks, Deep sea naval ships, Pottery and ceramics, Basket weaving, Shortwave radio, Hemp and Cotton fabrics.

Common Etiquette rules

It's common to shake hands with everyone present, including children. Shoes should be removed before entering a home or meeting place. If you're invited to someone's house you should bring a small simple gift. If you are presented with a gift, open it right away.

Common Dress code

Relaxed and casual, Bright colors, usually open toed shoes. Skirts are common, especially during summer. (All genders)

Art & Architecture

Art: Weaving, Carving, Body paint/tattoos (temporary or permanent), Sand art, and Pottery. Abstract and Contemporary art are very popular.   Architecture: Older houses had wooden frames covered in reeds or leaves, with mats on earth floors. To help people keep warm, they were small, with low doors, earth insulation and a fire inside. Living Roofs, Sand and hemp bricks, Often decorated with carvings and sculptures.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The parents prepare a celebration feast to announce the baby, and to welcome them into the family. Typically, a couple's first child belongs to the father's side, the second to the mother's side, the third to the father's side, and so on. Thus if the couple separate, or if one of them dies, the odd-numbered children go to the father's side, the even-numbered children to the mother's side.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The deceased are either preserved with salt and buried in a cave, or cremated and scattered at sea, and a song of farewell is sung by family and friends. Funeral leis made from local flowers are thrown into the sea or left somewhere meaningful to honor the departed person. Many times, the lei is left in a place that was important to the person who passed. Family and friends of the person who died will eat dinner together that evening. In addition to sharing the meal, they will talk about the deceased person's life. Storytelling and laughter will be part of the event.

Common Taboos

Do not go walking through a burial ground. It’s sacred and many sites are off limits. Don't speak disrespectfully of the volcanoes or the perpetual storm, there are many superstitions surrounding them, though not everyone believes in such things it's still considered extremely rude.

Common Myths and Legends

(Sea and Sky: Kailee)


Beauty Ideals

Tattoos (Maori style), Loose natural hairstyles, Muscled and stout/plump

Courtship Ideals

Exact customs can vary, but typically an individual looking to court someone is expected to take a great interest in their chosen's personal interests and attain (or preferably craft) an item that pertains to that interest, facilitating it in some way. (ex: blacksmith might be gifted a fine hammer or crafting materials.) These gifts may vary between entirely practical and largely decorative depending upon the individuals.

Relationship Ideals

Shared control and equal say, strong lines of communication, skills that complement each other. Household responsibilities are typically divided by individual skill.

Major organizations

Coils of the Kraken (542- ) (Kauila Isle, Pirates), Storm of the Shoals (564- ) (Kauila Isle, Pirate Rebels)

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