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Lightbearer/Flamesmith Bríg Eithne Teaghue

Bríg Eithne Teaghue (BREE EN-yah TEEG) (Bringer/Bearer of Light*, Little Fire, Bard) (*or exalted one, fire goddess, power, strength, vigor, virtue)

Divine Domains

Light and change

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Dragonfly and moon

Tenets of Faith

Fear not the darkness or change for they are part of the flow of life, Bring light to the darkness, Bring change to the stagnant, Bring hope to the hopeless. You are the beacon in a world of darkness, you must shine the light of change upon all, for good or for ill.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Muscular, scarred, glowing

Body Features

Some feathers

Apparel & Accessories

Blue, white, gold. Scale-mail and leather

Specialized Equipment

Flaming sword, shield with a dragonfly and moon crest, moon amulet

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trained by the great Dwarven smiths in the northern mountains, Bríg became an expert smith at a fairly young age for a dwarf. Her finest creation, an intricately detailed flaming sword, she made it for a Dwarven noble but found them unworthy. Crafting a shield for herself with the symbol of her deity and wielding it herself for now, she left her people in search of a worthy bearer. Until she finds one worthy of it, she defends the innocent and drives away darkness in her deity's honor.

Personality Characteristics


Driven to help those in need, Seeking a hero/warrior worthy of her sword.

Virtues & Personality perks

Witty, Creative, Articulate

Vices & Personality flaws

Manipulative, Blunt, Calculating

Personality Quirks

Stubborn, Candid, Sarcastic


Meticulously clean


Chaotic Good
Athrú (Change) (Pre 286AP)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Light bearer, Dragonfly of the green coast
Circumstances of Birth
Blessed by the light of the forge
Storm Blue
Brown with blue and silver streaks
Known Languages
Celestial, Common

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