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Athrú (Change) (Pre 286AP)


(EH-roo) Language: Athrún (EH-roon) (Meaning: Change. Origin: Irish Gaelic)   Colors: Red (Fire, Life, Death, Courage), White (Moon, Protection, Travel, Cold)   A people of the cold highlands and the mountains, the Athrú are a race of scientists and engineers, valuing the pursuit of knowledge above all else, and pushing boundaries. They believe that life is made of the many changes we make, from the seasons and the weather to inventing new ways of doing things, they believe that all knowledge is important, including the mistakes, that all may learn and grow.


Major language groups and dialects

Athrún (EH-roon) (Irish Gaelic)

Average technological level

Deep mining machinery, Metal ballista, Volcanic thermal energy (new and semi-faulty), Weaving machinery, Early fluorescent lights (ionized mercury vapor in a glass tube coated in phosphor), Fine smithing, leatherwork.

Common Etiquette rules

You will be asked if you want tea, but you will have tea regardless. The question is a mere formality.   A firm handshake with eye contact is standard. Handshakes are used at both the beginning and end of a conversation. Using the person’s first name, even if you don’t know them, is typically appropriate for etiquette.   The correct responses to "How are you?" are "Grand.", "Could be worse." or "Not too bad." regardless of truth. Inclining one's head slightly when greeting someone.   Gift giving: at festivals and ceremonies, when visiting someone's home, and as a sign of friendship.

Common Dress code

Intricately carved weapons (carried to be shown off as well as used), fine jewelry, colorful dress, and elaborately braided hairstyles.

Art & Architecture

Art: Elaborate tapestries depicting family histories and world events, Woven family patterns (tartans), Metalwork, Stone and metal reliefs.   Architecture: A mix of stone and metal, usually carved into the mountains themselves or tunneled deep within them. Carved stone towers, Stone and Wood lathes.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Either the parents or another close family member will weave a blanket for the infant, in the family's clan colors. This blanket is gifted to the infant to welcome them into the family and to keep them warm. (Many keep their blanket as a treasured gift into adulthood.)

Funerary and Memorial customs

Typically the bodies are burned, and the ashes placed into elaborately carved/forged containers with the person's name and achievements carved or engraved into them. Materials used can vary, as can decoration. Some even have scenes from the person's life engraved into them. These containers are placed in mausoleums, most of which are inside the mountains, in deep tunnels. A quiet procession made up of those close to them walks the container of ashes to where it is interred in the mausoleum, and each comes forward with a short farewell/thank you for how that person impacted their lives. Some small trinkets may be placed in the alcove at this time.

Common Taboos

Complacency (Always strive to become better and learn more), Tampering with graves, or otherwise dishonoring the dead. Speaking loudly in a public setting.

Common Myths and Legends

(Night and the Moon: Amaris, Pure Flame: Aodhfin, The Forge and Craftsmen: Aithne & Anyon, Song and Music: Duane, Tragedy and Death: Alhan (The Pale Man))


Gender Ideals

Women are generally considered to be more fierce and deadly.

Courtship Ideals

An individual looking to court someone is expected to take a great interest in their chosen's personal interests and attain (or craft) an item that pertains to that interest, facilitating it in some way. (ex: blacksmith might be gifted a fine hammer or crafting materials.) These gifts may vary between entirely practical and largely decorative depending upon the individuals.

Relationship Ideals

Though a largely matriarchal society, they value shared control and fairly equal say, with strong lines of communication, skills that complement each other. Household responsibilities are typically divided by individual skill.

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