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Crimson Aegus

Fall, 1718 BCE equivalent.

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Krakoz looked over the burning triremes that filled the bay. The acrid air no longer burned his lungs as the Broken Tooth slipped out of the harbor into crisp seas. The dusk made the sky appear ablaze as well while the Heritor escaped the Drichean crucifix once more.   Deck in fine armor of bronze and risking the Pantheon’s wrath, Krakoz and dozens of other Heritors ventured into the Aegus in search for the Crystals Pool and the power it bestows.   Some look to preserve their crews and kingdoms, while others sacrifice all for an attempt at immortality. The denizens of the islands are merciless, the gods are cruel. Assaulted by creatures of the deep and the cold-blooded saurians, the adventurers must withstand the onslaught to find glory everlasting.   The Grecian city-states of Drichea are in constant turmoil, while the stagnating Asfa'hari Empire spans the Steppe to the Aegus. Heritors and crews have left these lands of instability on large barges loaded with expendable crewmen seeking plunder. The horrors that await in the Ghost Archipelago include ancient Saurians, cyclopedes, and denizens of the deep. The weak will perish, the brave will falter, and only the unwavering may return victorious, drunken from the Crystal Pool.