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Kierune Tavern

A popular meeting place for sailors

Kierune Tavern is a tavern located in the coastal town of Kierune Shore   Whilst it's a meeting place for residents of the town, when ships dock, especially multiple, it is often overrun by sailors taking their shore leave.

Purpose / Function

The tavern serves food and drink to those who enter. It also offers a variety of 'entertainment', usually gambling games. There is also a darts board.


In 1804 an outdoor seating area was added, giving the building three additional seating locations. Locals have complained that the alterations were practically useless as they added very few seats and cost a lot to construct.   The skylight, mentioned below, was added in 1878, to let more light in to the tavern, on the basis that the increased moonlight might reduce the costs of lighting the tavern at night.


The building is made from a frame of wood, on a cobblestone floor. It has two doors, the entrance and one to the outdoor seating area, and large windows. It also features a skylight. The skylight is unique among the buildings in the town, and whilst it was added to reduce the cost of lighting at night, it failed at this task.


The tavern is a family business. The same family has worked in it since the tavern opened. Children as young as seven are often seen cleaning tables, and have been since the early days of the tavern, as can be seen in the painting 'The Tavern at Kierune', dated 1763.   After its first refurbishment, a fight occured resulting in a table being thrown through a window. For twelve years this window was boarded up, before finally being replaced.


Sailors who stop by the town can often be found in the tavern.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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29 Mar, 2022 21:35

Darts games are fun to watch. Do the sailors ever get in brawls fighting over who gets to play, or do they manage that part peacefully?

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