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The Pipers' Symphony Day


  Water is the lifeblood of Crevice and moving that water to millions of people through stone and ice is the job of the Pipers. They create the pipes that allow the water to move all about the city. Many can be clearly seen in exposed areas of the city, but the majority lay in secret tunnels built throughout the walls and floors of the city. As the city grew, so did the need for new pipes and pipers; today the Pipers Guild has become one of the largest and most respected in the city.
One of their jobs is maintain and clean the pipes, which has led to a few conflicts and strikes in the early years. A schedule for each Grotto (neighborhood) has been set up to turn off the water so the Pipers may come in to inspect and clean the pipes. This happens once a month and can take 2-3 periods (roughly 4-7 hours) depending on circumstances.

Although no one is quite sure who was the first to celebrate the cleaning of the pipes, most historians believe it started in the Phase of Blood. This would make it the first celebration unrelated to Cynosure and created solely by the people.


The Sound of Silence

When the pipes turn off, the sound of water stops. Most people in the city don't even realize they are there until they are turned off. The silence in the underground can be deafening and the sound of water constantly flowing around the city can be very comforting. Many of the Centers even have water pipes going through the meditation chambers per popular request. The day of the cleaning can remind people of how quiet their world really can be.

Symphony of Life

The initial silence only lasts a few moments, but can be quite unnerving. Oddly enough, no one usually speaks during that brief silence. It's as if the whole world stops when the water stops. Then the first sound comes ringing through. It is usually just a simple clunk or clink that echoes into the grotto, but it puts a smile on everyone and that is the sign that the symphony has begun.

The sounds of the pipers cleaning the pipes ring through the grotto. These unique sounds have found a way into the hearts of the people. They will gather in the streets and bond through the sounds of life. These gatherings are sometimes just a few blocks and sometimes will include the entire grotto. Hundreds of people gather together listening to the sounds of life.


The Symphony Begins

There is no wrong way to celebrate during the symphony. Many will just sit outside their homes to listen to the sounds, while others will bring their own instruments out to add to the sounds echoing in the caves. There is almost always a feast though. Before the water is turned off, many people will cook a lot of food and set up tables outside. This food is for everyone to share and enjoy. You may go to any table outside and try an amazing variety of food. Some will even create cooking events and competitions to amaze their neighbors.
The dancing has also become a very important aspect of the Symphony. The people will create their own dances just for the Symphony and many will practice it all month long to show off their skills to the crowds. Many will just create their dances as they listen to the sounds. The children will usually have some very unique and hilarious dance moves as they jump and stomp to the pipers sounds.

The Musical Pipers

The pipers themselves really didn't concern themselves with the celebration for many years. They were there to do a job and if people wanted to have a party, it didn't really make a difference. This did change at some point though. Many journals noted the sounds of the pipes began to sound more melodic at times. There seemed to be a clear beat that made dancing a little easier as well. It was later discovered that some of the pipers were actually taking a few lessons from minstrels to create some very unique sound combinations. It is now believed these skills are actually taught in the Pipers guild (although they all deny this assertion).

Historical Changes

The most amazing part of the Symphony is that the people pushed to turn it into a holiday. It had been celebrated for hundreds of years, but as the city grew, it became increasingly more difficult for many people to attend the celebration. In 6235, during the Phase of Genesis, there was a public push to make the cleaning day a holiday for each Grotto. It took most of the year before the Council decided to declare it a holiday. It is now called Pipers' Symphony Day. The Pipers Guild actually schedule the day one year in advance for every Grotto to allow them to prepare.
Example of some of the sounds you might hear.

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