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Genetic Manipulation

I must say I wasn't expecting much in the way of discovery when we happened upon these beasts, but their society has proved to be quite useful in supplying me with a grand vision. You see these Nyoka as they call themselves have been breeding to create different types of unique soldiers almost like some sort of ant colony with actual sentience. It is actually quite remarkable that they've been able to manipulate their genetic breeding in such a way to play into different strengths.   Since annexing their settlement and slowly introducing their children to the ways of Cynosure I fear some of this information may be lost over the course of time. To combat this I've began accumulating notes on their society especially regarding their breeding habits. What I've concluded is that they breed fast and they breed plentiful, if our societies meeting wasn't an accident they may have been able to last much longer in the war by simply out breeding us, although many would have most likely died due to lack of resources.   Moving past historical hypotheticals and into hypothesis I believe given enough time and resources my people may be able to incorporate some of these methods into our own society, but why stop at just our race? While I'd never admit it publicly there are some aspects the other races of our society have that we lack... if we could incorporate those aspects into our children, think of the possibilities we may accomplish. We could very well become what all the other races strive to be... the very best versions of themselves. I have much to think about and much to get underway if this is to become a reality... but if it can be done...   - Journal Entry of Dirzniss Everhurden


  Forced Genetic Evolution was mainly a product of the Nyoka. They used the process to create different classes within their society that provided different roles. After some time within Crevice the Nyoka also began successfully breeding with other races and creating more humanoid versions of the Nyoka but overall their genetic makeup was very much Nyoka.   It wasn't until Dirzniss Everhurden a Shadow Elf scout that was present during the Serpentine Wars that Genetic Manipulation on a grander scale became a possibility in theory. It was her research, family resources, and ambition that began production of genetic labs that would try to alter Shadow Elf babies that were still in the womb. Over time this process was deemed insufficient as not only did many babies die in the process it would often cause the mothers to be sterile or die altogether. This has since been referred to as the Barren Period among the Shadow Elves and has been kept hidden from the public by blaming the deaths on a Verdant Infection outbreak. Ironically this is what led to the death of Dirzniss who was never able to witness a successful genetic splicing.   Despite the drawbacks the Shadow Elves and House Everhurden specifically were determined to finish their goals. Given all the resources, time, and lives put into this venture to not get anything out of it would be unacceptable. So the experiments continued, some select few were pulled in from the Makers Guild and together they were able to create artificial wombs. A multitude of races were brought in for genetic make-up most of which were deemed to die either because they were criminals or cultists so instead of just executing them some Shadow Elf members within the Church transferred them to the labs instead. Most would die in the process thus fulfilling their punishment others that proved to be good genetic candidates were kept imprisoned at the labs.   The experiments continued in relative secrecy. While there wasn't a law against such things if it were to catch the public's eye there may soon be one enacted and that was a chance the Shadow Elves weren't willing to take. After a time Geneticist Sinrae Everhurden started finding promising results and new batches were produced. With the aid of key Nyoka alchemists and breeding experts in their pocket a deal was struck and the first successfully altered Shadow Elves were created using Nyoka genetics, after which other genetic makeup was also used to successful results. Failed results were still very common but by 9098 the success rate had really began to pick up thus some of the first healthy successfully altered children were created.   After they succeeded at cross breeding between races and altering their genetic make-up to ensure the best results, the Shadow Elves hoped to perfect the process before moving on to other more ambitious combinations. What those are and how long will it take to get there? Only Cynosure knows for sure.


The benefits for these experiments and the products they create are very valuable to the Shadow Elves and society as a whole, when completely perfected that is. The possibility of creating individuals that are bred specifically for a role already exists in society this would simply guarantee that those individuals were provided with the tools necessary to succeed. Combined with the guidance from the great Cynosure would lead to a highly productive society that can more readily expand and thrive.
• Nyoka - The initial breeding template.   • Dirzniss Everhurden - The mind behind the possibilities of a greater genetic alteration process.   • Sinrae Everhurden, Silas [Nyoka Alchemist], and many others who've dedicated their lives improving the science, before their first success.
Access & Availability
Despite being in production for a very long time the process and facilities are kept hidden from public purview. It's only a select wealthy and influential few, key Shadow Elf houses that were on the ground floor, and certain Nyoka broods who have been allowed in on the venture. To the general public these experiments do not exist and any creation's physical changes that couldn't be hidden away using magic or clothing were trained to work in the labs.
The science behind it is very complex, its taken many years and failures before successfully creating the final products. A more compassionate race would have never continued the experiments given the amount of losses it resulted in.

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