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On a small altar, somewhere in Creus, lays a small tool.   The tool is like nothing known to anyone on Saibh. It is a strangely shaped metal implement, made with no metal that a blacksmith of Etoile would know, and inscribed with a symbol sequence unknown to any living linguist. It rests, free of decay or tarnish, gleaming in the dim light of the altar. Translated, roughly:  
Ours are the mistakes that echo through history.   Theirs will be a future free of the past.   Our travels must end. Theirs must be allowed to begin.   Through me our song will reverberate.   Through me the resurrection will -
  Surrounding the altar is a circular chamber, where dark silhouettes are etched on the walls. To an untrained eye, the silhouettes have their arms raised in terror, but a closer examination reveals a dance of some sort. Glyphs cover the walls and ceiling, telling a certain story, the unified desires of a people, the wish to begin anew, the breaking of the chains of the past, the resolution of purpose and resolve. The fulfillment of the dreamers interwoven with the last hopes of the honored dead. The indomitable will of a single force, through which all others channel their might. The knowledge that something had to be done, and that they were chosen to execute.   Layers and mazes, chambers within chambers, a dizzying spiral of hidden knowledge, with only the truth that cannot be told, lest it be repeated to the sorrow of the world and all within. The journey must end. It will end here, now.


The History of Worldspawn is unrecorded and unknown to anyone.   The Worldspawn is a Conceptual Object of Creus.

Components and tools

"Worldspawn" refers to both the ritual and the tool at its center.

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