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Greatcoat of the Archmagus

"Absolutely ridiculous."   "Don't worry! You look great in this thing!" Phanae stifled a giggle as Alistair frowned. "Very imposing, very intimidating. Hits all the right marks."   The door opened, and Rigana stepped into the room, wearing a coat of her own. Her greatcoat, although significantly smaller, still managed to make the mage look like a child wearing her parent's clothes. "If you two are done, we need to be in the center hall in a minute."   "It's not my fault this idiot can't dress himself." Phanae sighed and yanked on a cord, cinching Alistair's greatcoat around the waist. "And done. Go get them."   Alistair had a pained expression on his face as he turned slowly. "No peripheral vision, no flexibility in the arms or shoulders. Who thought this was a good idea?"   Rigana shook her head. "Just ceremonial. We can talk about the silliness later, for now we have a meeting to get to."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The greatcoat itself, while unwieldy and somewhat ugly, serve a functional purpose. The Resonance Mineral embedded in the coat allow the wizard wearing it to channel various spells into the coat, with the most straightforward spell being a hardening spell to turn the coat into robust armor. Other spells include deflection of magic, Charge: Illumination to cause the coat to glow, and simple manipulation to allow the wearer to run and jump significant distance. Even without magic, the coat is inherently resistant to fire and impact.   The cost, of course, is that the coat's collar blocks peripheral vision and the coat is quite heavy and unfashionable. The vast majority of working wizards and magi simply keep theirs in the closet, preferring to work with a typical pocketed robe that can hold all of the necessary casting reagents.


These greatcoats are custom fitted to all wizards reaching the top rank of Archmagus in the Wizard's Association of Etoile, and said wizards are generally required to wear these coats during any ceremonies of note.
Item type
Fitted to wearer
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
5lb of Resonance Mineral as well as hammered steel fiber and leather

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