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Geneva Rodii

Geneva Rodii (a.k.a. The Scarlet Devil)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rodii is in excellent physical shape, a necessity when her profession demands that she occasionally escape buildings out the roof and crawling over rotating power-shafts in the depths of the night.

Identifying Characteristics

Rodii has mastered the art of changing her face with makeup when on the job, removing and adding freckles and moles and using shading to change the visual angle of her facial features, in a bid to keep her identity hidden when stealing. Without disguises, she has very prominent high cheekbones, giving a slightly sunken appearance to her cheeks.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Geneva Rodii is a thief of the Scarlet Block in the Etoile Capital City. A green-eyed girl raised in an orphanage, she exhibited a profound intellect as a child, with her instructors marvelling at her speed of thought and young erudition, figuring her a child castoff from one of the Foremost families. As a teenager, however, Rodii was rebellious in the extreme, and left both formal education and her orphanage to strike it out on her own at the age of eighteen.   After working several jobs and finding ordinary work not to her liking, she was approached by a madam of the Scarlet Block, who offered a place at her House as a working girl, promising an excellent return due to her comeliness. While Rodii rejected the offer out of hand, it seeded the idea for her current ventures, posing as a courtesan and robbing the homes of the well-to-do.   While her name and face are not well-known enough for her to have been caught, she is known in the underground circles as the 'Scarlet Devil' for her hair and ability to talk her way out of all situations.


While offered a place to study at The Academy of Etoile, Rodii rejected the offer out of hand, being disinclined to formal schooling in general after her experiences in secondary education.


After stints as a seamstress, manufactory mechanist, and in day care, Rodii settled on being a simple thief, an easy job for someone with her talents. A great beauty, she poses as an independent courtesan on the streets of the Scarlet Block, only taking the most well-to-do as patrons and returning with them to their estate. She proceeds to drink with her patron, demonstrating an ability to out-drink nearly anyone, and then engages the patron if she finds it worthwhile. In either case, once the patron is asleep, she searches the house and steals something small, valuable, and unlikely to be missed in a short amount of time, with a deft ability to pick safes and lockboxes for valuables and documentation.   This has been highly lucrative in a short amount of time, allowing her to set up multiple safehouses across Etoile and live a life of relative luxury, being able to afford custom couturiers and dine at the finest restaurants of the Capital.

Intellectual Characteristics

On top of her good analytic skill, Rodii is an autodidact with a perfect memory, able to recall every aspect of every moment of her life, a highly useful skill in subterfuge. This quality has led to many attempting to bring her into their employ, ranging from organized criminal elements to The Grey Archive up to the intelligence arm of the Principality itself (through an intermediary, of course).

Morality & Philosophy

Her former house mother at her orphanage described Rodii as a girl, quoted, "Only capable of looking out for herself, as she truly believes nobody else is going to do it for her", an appropriate moral philosophy for a thief.

Personality Characteristics


Although Rodii has become quite wealthy through her thefts, her chief motivation is rebellion, the rejection of the idea that in the cogwork of modern Etoile there was a place for her to fit and spin away in one spot. After a childhood living under the restrictive ruleset of her orphanage and the stifling nature of strict formal education, the pendulum has swung the other way in earnest.

Likes & Dislikes

Rodii has a weakness for pastries, and is a regular at Morrison's.
Current Location
Layered red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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