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"On The Pursuit", Lecture Notes of the Grand Philosopher, 16.2.724

"Desire takes many forms. Who can name some, here?" Actatus waved to the lecture hall. "Go on, shout it out."   "Hunger!"   "Mating!"   "Greed!"   The Grand Philosopher raised a hand. "So let's discuss those three for now. Hunger and mating are what I would call more 'animal' desires, as we share these desires with virtually everything that lives. I know of no living thing that does not hunger, and as far as I know, the only thing that does not mate to reproduce are plants."   "Greed is a more interesting desire, as unlike the others, greed is relative. A single person alone in the wilderness cannot be 'greedy', in the common understanding of the term, as no matter how many acorns they gather, they can't have more than anyone else, as they're completely alone."   "Still, that does not cover the majority of desires that we see around us day to day in Etoile. I have my doubts that any of you are here solely because you are 'greedy' for knowledge, and I doubt anyone considers knowledge as fundamental to themselves as eating or mating. Yet here you are. Why?"   Actatus walked to the other side of the dais. "We are here because we are chasing something. What that 'something' is varies from person to person, but I believe that it is the chase itself that motivates us to do what we do. Consider, for example, someone who has everything they have ever desired, someone who no longer has wants. I would consider that person a pitiable figure! How long could you go, not wanting a single thing in the world, before waking up in the morning was too bothersome to deal with? The pursuit, the chase to catch whatever it is you desire, is itself the real desire. The chase creates the sense of purpose, which binds you to the world and hopefully keeps you from wanting to enter the next prematurely."   Murmurs echoed in the hall. "Moralizers would claim that this is nothing more than greed run amok, but greed is satisfied at an end. The desire for the pursuit is far deeper than merely surface greed. To that effect, your task before our next lecture is to spend some time thinking about what you are chasing right now, and whether you will be satisfied merely completing the chase, or move on immediately to chase something further."


This is a written transcript of a lecture given by Hyberos Actatus , Grand Philosopher of Etoile, recorded in Second Season, 16th day, 724.
Record, Transcript (Communication)

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