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Cresare is a country surrounded by mountains and bordering the sea. It is isolated, and has everything its citizens need within its borders, so there is no trade with the outside world. It has a temperate climate and shallow soil, good for farming but bad for trees. Each race living within the borders has a specific duty based on their powers: humans are in charge, and farm; naiads transport goods through the delta system; fairies watch over and assist from the shadows; dwarfs mine the mountains. At the center of the country, a forest grows on deep soil, surrounded by the river. King Oaken, a massive tree, watches over the inhabitants: immortal child elves, whose purity protects Cresare from the outside world. As countries outside their borders fight and starve, Cresare is a bubble of prosperity. But all is not right. In the deep swamps to the far East, a shadow resides. His name is Tsicar, though most know him as the Dark. He feeds on corruption and distrust, and when his power is full he has the power to take over the valley.