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Yilron is the capital city of the Yictan Empire and definitely its most valuable. Because of its location on the coast between two rivers it's a core for trade in the Yictan Empire. Its architecture is somewhat European with an array of Blues, Yellows, Reds and Grey. It was originally a small city run by the Yulcots tribe and has know turned into a thriving metropolis.


Being a city of mostly humans the only people they show major racism towards Dylinesc and sometimes people of orcish descent. When it comes to ethnic group their is a major divide with native Yictish people not trusting the other ethnic groups. While the other ethnic groups don't like the Yictish acting as if they're to be held at a higher standard. And the separation of classes is fairly standard slums outside, middle class inside and the upper-middle class in luxury.


Yilrons laws are similar to most other settlements in the Yictan Empire but what sets it apart is a unique property tax. While it may sound strange let me explain. You see during the reign of King Fyrandor tourism for Yirlon was booming. But it was just the coastal regions and all of the future lands for agriculture was used for resorts and venues. To combat this King Fyrandor introduced the property tax that worked like this. For every wall you have your tax will increase this made sure that buildings were more even and took up less space. While making venues, homes and shops that did have more than four walls have a show of prestige.


Since Yilron is the center of the Yictan Empire immense care has been put into its construction. From being one of the first human cities to have sewers, to extensive bride and road networks. Not to mention, a massive damn that splits the city in half. This damn was constructed to control the flooding season.


Several blocks of industry, commercial and housing that forms the backbone of the city. Not to mention the damn and magic school. From an arable coast to mineral rich caves in the surrounding areas Yilron was, and still is a settlement build on diplomacy.


Yilron was originally a source of power over the northern farmlands it i know the military and economic heart of the empire. It is predominatly used as a common trade route for a myriad of reasons from the Yictan Empire's impressive infrastructure to its abundance of coastal settlements; Yilronhas remained a prominent force in Crenzel.


White washed and stone brick walls with light blue tiled roofs. most people adorn their homes with religious, political and nation symbols on the homes. People also tend to use lots of Blues, Yellows, Reds and Greys as it is the Nations national colors.


The city is on the coast with flat and arable plains and wetlands on the outskirts of the city while to rivers surround it. On the inside of the city a damn was made to prevent flooding. It is said that the view from the damn is quite remarkable.

Natural Resources

Yilron has a vast amount of arable land because of its location on the coast between two rivers. There is also large quantities of iron in its southern mountains. Not to mention its large quantities of fish and other marine life from its coast.

Alternative Name(s)
The Home of Man
4.9 Million
Inhabitant Demonym
King Liyordin
Owning Organization
Yictan Empire
Characters in Location

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