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The Men of Hilrin

The long road.

Hilrin is a Confederation of city-states and regions that banded together to be able to combat the problem of bandits. While not completely clear of all the crime they've done a pretty good job considering most of their states are agriculturally based. Since it sits in between several global powers Hilrin is ready for a fight at any moment. This has lead to the states being... quite racist towards the other races. Still, Hilrin is an effective country and has lasted for quite a long time.


At the top is High Lord Manelik, he makes the big moves involving diplomacy, Conflict, economics, etc. Then you have the Dilew Brothers, they're more or less figureheads that keep the peace between the states. And state level problems and local problems are handled by their respected personnel. As allowing the states to have autonomy from the High Lord makes them happier.

Public Agenda

To secure the home land.


Lots of a cow like species called the Giltara, and it is the only place they can be found naturally. Because of the influx of this strange animal. Hilrins economy is basically run by selling the m


Hilrin was originally a loose collection of city states and other factions. But with the growing threat of bandits and other factions the Confederation of Men of the Hilly Region. This lead to the immediate threat of the bandits to be stopped but. This lead to its own myriad of problems such as but not limited to.   Not having enough money to you know run a money. Not Knowing who would lead. Not having proper infrastructure. Not having a formal military. etc.

Demography and Population

Hilrins people are quite widespread across their land. Most of them are farmers who sell their yield for a living. While not an eventful life the people of Hilrin tend to live their lives on step at a time.


Hilrins lands are ancestral as their ancestors have lived there for centuries because of the abundance of Giltara. Due to Hilrin being a confederacy the states tend to disagree on things. But High Lord Manelrik has managed to keep everyone on the same page.


While not having the largest or best-equipped military but what they lack in skill they make up for it in their skill. Most of their army is engaged in offensive warfare and polearms. With their expertise in polearms such as the billhook, poleaxe and spear. They commonly use guerilla tactics to outmaneuver their enemy.

Technological Level

Hilrins technology level is around average compared to the other nations in Crenzel. Compared to Hilrins more advanced neighbours Hilrin has been considered when regarding its technology.  

"Equivalent to a toddler attempting to quiz a god of knowledge."   -King Fyrandor of the Yictan Empire
But that is mostly propaganda for the Yictan Empire and its neighbours.

Foreign Relations

Hilrin has fairly average relations with most of the nations in Crenzel, although it does have tense relations with Yictan Empire and the Empire of Ectanoui.

Agriculture & Industry

Being a landlocked nation, Hilrin needed to specialize to survive. At first, it was a few cattle farms but once Hilrin unified it was expanded greatly. This has to lead to extensive husbandry to take place in Hilrin.


Even with their extensive road networks, Hilrins population has the average education level of an elementary schooler. There is quite the divide as people living in the cities and the upper-middle-class have easier access to other amenities such as Universities, Parks, Libraries, etc.


Hilrin is known for its abysmal infrastructure such as roads going through swamps and marshlands, roads going through the contested territory. This has lead to High Lord Manelrik attempting to solve the problem by setting up signs and closing off useless roads. But even this has only put a temporary fix to a larger problem.

We Will Stand, Tomorrow, Today and the Day After

Political, Confederation
Smooth Point
Alternative Names
The bumpy road
Head of State
The Dilew Brothers
Head of Government
High Lord Manelrik
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Palace economy
The original currency was the Puck a silver coin. But with the influx of silver from the east High Lord Manelik quickly changed the country to the Loti coin.
Major Exports
Hilrin primarily exports the meat and hide of the Giltara but sometimes also other creatures such as cow and pigs. This has lead to Hilrin being a largely agricultural economy
Major Imports
Hilrin primarily imports tools as it is cheaper to acquire them from trade than making them locally. They also import textiles and other amenities from other nations. This has lead to them vying to create good relations with most nations...
Legislative Body
High Lord Manelik is responsible for laws despite his name he is quite a reserved man. He tends to let the Dilew Brothers represent him as he isn't very popular. He is an economic mastermind he's lead a golden age for Hilrin. One of his acts was switching their currency from the Puck to the Loti coin.
Judicial Body
The Hilrin military isn't the best equipped or skilled but they fight to the last man to secure the homeland.
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members


They like each other a lot.


They really don't like one another very much.

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