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Scorching Sheet

Written by BANANAMAN_470

Scorching sheet is a Ehletri spell (Magic) that sends forth a 30ft cone of flame from a source. It is seen as a reliable hallmark for spell casters for its immense damage for a spell of the Ehletri form.


Creates a 30ft thin cone of fire from a fire source. this could be a lantern, torch, fireplace, etc.

Side/Secondary Effects

Since it's fire it has the chance to burn or blind the victim. After casting embers travel up to 15ft away in any direction and can start bonfires. If you do fail to cast the spell you do not suffer any effect other than loosing a charge (Magic).


It's a 30ft thin sheet of fire that erupts violently and unexpectedly towards the victim. it burns and or chars anything it comes into contact with. Once the casting is finished embers travel up to 15ft away creating sot fires.


The source is from the spell casters magical affinity. It could be from a wizard, mage, cleric/warlock or a sorcerer.


Long ago when magic was first discovered by man a slew of different spells were made from levitation and water manipulation to necromancy and summoning. this spell was made by one Lycan Hodgeru, he created it so new spell casters could have more a decent backup plan if the more powerful spell failed. It is know a hall mark and even today is a decent spell to have on hand.

Material Components
Fire, because it is from the Ehletri form of magic.
Gestures & Ritual
First you need to either hold the flame in a torch or lantern or touch the flame with a finger. Then you need to clench your fist behind your head for 3 seconds. Finally hold out your hand and say the word Bademier Enhetil (pronounced ba-de-mere N-hee-tle).
Related School
Ehletri (Magic)
Related Element
Fire and or fuel (e.g. wood, coal, hell spice, etc)
Effect Duration
Instantaneous (except the burning and or blinding and or spot fires)
Effect Casting Time
10 seconds
30ft then 15ft embers
1st level (Acolyte/Apprentice)
Applied Restriction
Every person has a magical affinity the more you train with it the better you are and the more you can access. Most people who use this spell can cast it 2-3 times before they need to rest. While more experienced casters can cast it at a higher spell level and cast it more times without rest. Of course there's the obvious like you can't cast it under water (without hell spice) and you can't use it to attack civilians or use it in war. Yep there was a Geneva Convention for magic in Crenzel.

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