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Magic System

The Third Pillar

Written by BANANAMAN_470

Magic in Crenzel is similar to other magic systems such as DnD. But what sets it apart is that all magic is put into three broad categories.   First is Ehletri (pronounced E-lee-tree) which translates roughly to manipulate. This form of magic primarily focuses on the manipulation of the elements. While considered to be the easiest form of magic it can be quite helpful in the right circumstances. From moving rocks and dirt, to splitting rivers, to even holding a lantern and using it as a makeshift flamethrower and creating an area that air isn't in. The possibilities are quite vast.   Second is Gythter (pronounced similar to Lifter but with a G at the start) which roughly translates into transfigure/reconstruct. This form of magic is a type of middle ground. More powerful than Ehletri but not as hard to learn as the third form. While Ehletri focuses on manipulating and shaping the elements. Gythter can also change the state, temperature and shape. For example if there was a pile of rocks in the way of a road Ehletri can only move the rocks. While Gythter can turn them into a well chiseled stone arch. You could use Gythter to chill a drink, melt metals, and carve out the sides of mountains! As before the possibilities are vast.   And finally we have Helytri Olihf (pronounced He-lee-tree O-lif) which roughly translates to Shape all. This is the hardest form of magic to learn, but the most powerful. While the others have fairly reasonable and concrete rules. Helytri is the broadest essentially being the home of all the weird, wacky and deadly spells. From necromancy and simply stopping all magic in a set area to shields and curses. Only the most powerful wizards and other arcane masters can wield these spells. For example instead of making an arch out of rocks or making it look good you can just delete it from existence. Or turn a wall into a doorway and even just delete fireballs. The possibilities for this are incredibly vast.


Magic in Crenzel is an invisible gas like substance that exist in every creature. There are three ways of obtaining magic. One extended study and training to become a wizard. Two become in eternal debt and servitude towards a god and or being of immense power (Extremely rare) Three hope that one of your ancestors boinked someone (or something) that achieved and or ancestors achieved one of the above.


The only dead magic areas are areas with spells that cancel/dispel magic. These are commonly found in the richer districts of capital cities. But there are areas with magic to spare. areas with the corpse or corpses of powerful magic users slowly return their magic back to the infinite pool of magic. But if you were to preform the right rituals soon after death and or find an incredibly powerful magical beings corpse you could gain similar magical capabilities to the former magic user.

Magic System 

  Magic is split up in levels level one you can move dirt, level ten you can blow up a city. Levels go from 1 to 10 and vary in power. From using wind to knock a person down to just blowing them up. There are also at will spells, these spells may lack fire power tend to make up for it as they can have quite creative uses. such as summoning a spectral hand or creating a globe of light.¬†   Magic users start with a certain amount of charges for each level for example. An new wizard apprentice would have 2 1st level charges. while an older and more experienced wizard may have 5 1st level charges, 2 2nd level charges and 1 3rd level charge.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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