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Weapon Tags


  A character’s weapon should be as special and unique as the character itself. Many of the greatest characters in fiction are known for their iconic weapons. In some cases, these weapons can even become characters unto themselves.   In the Storypath, every weapon is custom designed in very simple steps.  
  • Weapon Base Quality 1 Tag
  • Choose 1 Weapon Size Tag
  • Choose 1 Damage Type Tag
  • Choose 1 Weapon Type Tag
  • Choose 1 Range Tag
  • Select Weapon Tags
  Most weapons are built with 4 points of tags or with 1 point of tags plus wealth.   By default, all weapons gain the Quality [1] tag which gives an Enhancement bonus of 1 and are close range only.  

Weapons Example

D&D Dagger (Link)1MPSSQuality 1, Thrown 1, Slashing 1, Grappling 14
  Melee Weapons List   One Dagger List   This Bites  


  Small 0 [0] HR
  Medium 1 [0] HR
  Large 2 [0] HR
  The size of a weapon can easily be used as complication or increased difficulty in grappling or concealment, fighting in tight spaces.  


  Bashing/Blunt [0] DRE, Scion, TCC
The weapon deals blunt-force damage. A weapon with the Bashing tag cannot be used to slice, pierce, or sever objects or limbs. The tag allows for the Broken, Battered and similiar Injury Conditions. A weapon with this type of damage is a club, mace, gauntlet or something heavy.   Piercing/Ballistic [0] HR, TCC
Arrows, bullets, pointy blades and even crossbow bolts. Graze, Bleeding Out,   Slashing/Edged [0] HR, TCC
A weapon with this type of damage is a sword, bayonet, axe or something with a blade. Scratched or Cut.    


  Archery [0] TCC, HR
Bows or crossbows. The Archery tag allows a weapon to be used against a target at range categories other than close. This tag must include a specific range — such as short-ranged or medium-ranged — representing the optimal range of that weapon.  
    Archery Ranges
  • Range: Short
  • Max: Medium [+1 DR]
  Using an archery weapon in close range comes with an additional difficulty:
    Archery @ Close Range
  • One Handed (Hand Crossbow) [+1 DR]
  • Two Handed (Bow/Crossbow) [+2 DR]
    Firearm [0] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
The weapon is a gun or other ranged weapon. Players use the Aim/Firearms Skill to construct dice pools for firearm weapons. The Firearm tag allows a weapon to be used against a target at range categories other than close. This tag must include a specific range — such as short-ranged or medium-ranged — representing the optimal range of that weapon.  
    Firearm Ranges
  • Pistol: Short
  • Rifle: Medium
  • Max: +1 Range Band [+1 DR]
  Using a firearm weapon in close range comes with an additional difficulty:
    Firearms @ Close Range
  • One Handed (Pistol) [+1 DR]
  • Two Handed (Rifle) [+2 DR]
    Melee [0] DRE, Scion, TCC
A handheld weapon, meant to be used at close range. Use the Close Combat Skill to wield melee weapons.     Thrown [0] DRE, Scion, TCC
This weapon can be thrown at targets using the Athletics Skill. Thrown weapons can be used in both close and short range with no penalty. Unless the weapon also has the Returning tag, weapons that are Thrown must be retrieved manually after being tossed.    


  Close Range [0] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
(0-2 meters)
In range to trade blows with blunt objects and blades, or grapple and strike unarmed.   Short Range [1] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
(3-30 meters)
Just out-of-reach close-quarter battle distance for reflexive shooting and thrown weapons.   Medium Range [2] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
(31-100 meters)
Range to aim and shoot with a firearm or bow. Maximum modern pistol range.   Long Range [3] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
(101-1000 meters)
Range to plan and execute longrange sniping and special weapons attacks (compensating for wind, etc.)   Extreme Range [4] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
(1000+ meters)
Range of heavy military weapons — must compensate for curvature of the Earth, speed of light delays.  
  Aggravated [2] Scion, TCC
Any injury inflicted with this weapon is extremely severe and inflicts a persistent injury on the target.  
  • Acid, Lava, Radiation
  • Intense Fires
  • Laser or Plasma Weapons
  • Fire or Sunlight against Vampires
  • Silver against Werewolves
  • Cold Iron against Fae
  • Magic blade of raw fire or lightning
  • Possible injuries from Scale
  Aggravated Injury Conditions are things like Burned Off Completely and Melted Flesh.  
Persistent Injury TCC
Some weapons inflict more grievous wounds than others. Persistent injuries take double the amount of time to heal and require double the number of successes to treat with first aid.
  Arcing [1] DRE, Scion
This weapon can be fired in an arc, allowing shots to better maneuver around cover.
When using this weapon against a target in cover, downgrade the cover’s rating by 1.
Light cover is ignored, and heavy cover becomes light.   Armor Piercing [2] DRE, Scion, TCC
This weapon is meant to punch through the protective layers of armor. Allows you to ignore mundane soft armor 1.  
Changed tag name from Piercing to Armor Piercing allowing for the Piercing damage type.   Stick em with the pointy end!
  Automatic [2] Scion, TCC
(Firearms only)
This gun fires multiple rounds when the trigger is held down. Allows use of the Emptying the Magazine Stunt.  
Emptying the Magazine (0 successes)
When using a weapon with the Automatic tag, the attacker can choose to empty the Magazine. Doing so adds a +2 Enhancement to the attack. After this action, your weapon is out of ammo and will need to be reloaded before you can fire the weapon again (see “Ammo and Reloading” on p. 126).   This weapon is designed to fire in bursts. It may be used to make a burst fire attack, which adds +1 Enhancement to applying the Critical Hit stunt. This tag may not be added to any weapon with the Melee or Shockwave characteristic. This restriction applies even if these tags were added via a special ability, such as a Knack or a Boon. After using the Empty the Clip Stunt, the player must roll for Out of Ammo with a -2 Complication for each time they’ve rolled this scene.
  Beam [1] TCA
(energy weapons only)
This energy weapon fires a continuous beam when the trigger is held down. Allows use of the Spray Stunt.
AKA: Ray Spells   Brutal [1] Scion, TCC
This weapon can inflict massive trauma on a target. This weapon reduces the successes necessary for a Critical Stunt by 1.   CHARGE [1] TCC
(Ranged weapons only)
Charge weapons need to be reloaded after every shot, but pack a larger punch. Charge weapons gain +1 Enhancement towards inflicting Injury Conditions. A weapon with this tag must be recharged or reloaded after every single use. See “reloading,” p. 126.   Combined Stun [2] TCA
This weapon simultaneously delivers a standard attack and a stun attack (see the Stun tag, Trinity Continuum Corebook, page 125). The user can also set the weapon to only perform one of these attacks.   Concealable [1] DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
This weapon is easier than usual to hide on your person, giving you a +1 Enhancement on any task that involves concealing the weapon. Medium or Large Weapons impose difficulty based on their size and or bulk.  
Concealable - TCC [2]
  Deadly [1] TCC
Weapons with this tag are particularly good at dealing serious injury. Healing an injury caused by this weapon is more difficult. Doing so requires an extra success on the first aid roll.   Destructive [2] TCA
Weapons with this tag can easily pierce armor and cut through tough materials. These weapons reduce the target’s Armor rating by 2 and can also slowly cut through most walls, doors, and other objects.
AKA: Vibroblade, Vorpal Blade   Electrical [1] TCA
Weapons that inflict electrical damage often possess the Stun or Non-Lethal tag, but some can be quite deadly. Electrical damage ignores armor unless the armor in question has the Environmental (1 or 2) tag. Unless hardened against electromagnetic disruption (which means they cannot be connected to any external network, like the OpNet), electronic devices of Size 0 or smaller that are struck by electrical weapons automatically shut down for at least five minutes.
AKA: Shocking Grasp, Lightning Bolt   Entangle [2] TCA
This weapon does no damage. Instead, successful attacks allow the character access to entanglement Stunts, listed below. Targets must escape the entanglement to act normally. Escaping from entanglement requires the target to make an Athletics + Dexterity roll with a Difficulty equal to the number of successes rolled on the attack. The target can do nothing else while making this roll. The attacker can inflict any of the following results on their target by allocating their attack’s successes. These successes can be combined from multiple attacks on the same target.
AKA: Web Spell  
  Hobble (2 successes) TCA, TCB
Reduces the target’s Defense against all other attacks to 1.
Entangle Stunt   Paralyzed (3 successes) TCA, TCB
The target gains the Paralyzed Status Condition (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. 108), but can automatically escape within five minutes, if no one prevents them from doing so.
Entangle Stunt   Slow (1 success) TCA, TCB
Each success spent on Slow reduces the target’s speed by 1
Entangle Stunt   Takedown (1 success) TCA, TCB
The attacks renders your opponent prone (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. 106).
Entangle Stunt  
The Explosive tag means that the weapon is some form of explosive device. The player must make a Technology roll (Difficulty 2) to plant the device successfully. From that point forward, he may detonate it at any time, or set a triggering condition. Once triggered, players in the radius of the device must make an Athletics roll to get out of the blast radius. The Difficulty of the roll is equal to the initial Technology roll made by the person who set the explosive device. The radius of the explosion encompasses everything within close range of the explosive.   EXPLOSIVE [2] TCC
The Explosive tag means that the weapon is some form of explosive device. Resolve throwing or shooting a grenade or explosive just as you would any other attack with the Thrown or Ranged tag. On a successful attack, all other people in close range of the target must make an immediate Athletics roll (Difficulty 1) or suffer the effects of the blast. If the explosive misses, it detonates harmlessly in the background somewhere.   Formatted [1, 2] TCA
Formatted 1 provides this bioware weapon with a +1 Enhancement if it is formatted. Formatted 2 gives the weapon an inherent +1 Enhancement that increases to +2 if it is formatted.   GAS [3] TCC
This attack produces a gas cloud that affects everyone within close range of the target. Gas damage ignores armor unless the armor in question has environmental protection against suffocation. Gas attacks disperse after five rounds unless used in small, enclosed spaces like the room of a house or a spacecraft corridor, and even there they disperse within five minutes.
AKA: Fog, Cloudkill Spell   Grapple [1] TCC
The weapon is small, requires a limited range of motion, or is otherwise easy to use when grappling with an opponent. Requires the small tag.   Grappling [1] DRE, Scion
This weapon grants +1 Enhancement to making the Grapple attack.   Heavy [-1] DD5, HR
Small characters suffer +1 Complication using a weapon with the Heavy tag. Requires the Large tag.   Heavy Weapon [-1] TCC
Heavy weapons are powerful weapons that increases the Scale of the user’s attacks by 1. The weapon provides the user with a +1 Enhancement, in addition to the +2 Enhancement automatically provided by an increase in Scale, (for a total of +3 Enhancement) towards inflicting Injury Conditions. However, such weapons are always especially slow and cumbersome to use. Players using the weapon increase the Difficulty of all Athletics feats and Defensive rolls by +1. This tag cannot be combined with the Concealable or Worn tags.   Improvised [0] HR
When choosing an improvised weapon select a weapon that closely matches the improvised weapon picked up an apply the Improvised Tag. +1 Complication, and possible the Fragile tag.   Immune [1] TCA
The user is immune to damage by this weapon. This tag can only be used on formatted biotech weapons.   Incendiary [2] TCC
Weapons with the Incendiary tag inflict damage by burning things. Incendiary weapons can ignite flammable objects, creating additional environmental threats (as determined by the Storyguide). Typical blazes caused by incendiary weapons such as flame throwers have a damage rating similar to their use as a weapon. A critical effect with such a weapon will ignite any potentially flammable target instead of inflicting an extra Injury Condition, causing the target to take continuous damage per round (see p. 108, Other Forms of Damage).
AKA: Burning Hnads, Fireball Spell   Leverage (1) DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
Two-handed weapons gain +1 Enhancement towards inflicting Injury Conditions or sundering/breaking. This tag counts towards a mundane maximum enhancement of 3. Requires the Two-Handed tag.   Load 1+ [-1] HR
Action or part of a mixed action to load. Crossbow is an example of a weapon with the load tag.  
  Crossbow [Load 1]
A Crossbow user could fire on round 1, reload on round 2, and fire again on round 3. He could also choose to fire each round as a mixed action, risking a greater chance of a mishap.   Ballista [Load 2]
A ballista would require two users to each spend one action or one user to spend one action for two rounds to reload. With two users they would be able to fire round two and with one user he would be able to fire round three.
  Loud [-1] DRE, Scion
This weapon is noisy and cannot be silenced. This means that it will surely draw attention if used.
AKA: Thunderwave Spell   Messy [-1] DRE, Scion
This weapon does not do damage cleanly, instead shattering bones, leaving ragged wounds, or blowing apart cover. A  Messy weapon will leave a distinctive trail of gore in its wake and use of the specific weapon can likely be easily identified.   Mount [1] TCC
This weapon gains both the Brutal and the Deadly tags. However, to use this weapon effectively, it must be mounted on a tripod or stand. The weapon only has half (rounded up) the usual Enhancement rating when used without mounting. Setting up a mount takes one action. Players cannot set up and fire a weapon with this tag on the same turn.   Mounted [1] DD5, EX3, HR
  Natural [2] Scion
This weapon is part of a character’s body, such as bare fists, a ferocious bite, or wicked claws. It cannot be disarmed, though may suffer Complications or increased Difficulty from Injuries. Their user is never required to draw or ready this type of weapon.  
Non-Lethal [0] HR
A Sap would be non-lethal and non-penetrating  
Need details and mechanics
  Non-Lethal [2] TCA
This attack normally produces the Stunned Status Condition (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. 108), but if the attacker allocates at least four successes to the attack, the target gains the Unconscious Status Condition (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. 108). The attacker can accumulate these successes over the course of several attacks, as long as the attacker can accumulate at least four successes before the target throws them off. Conscious targets can make a Stamina + Resolve roll once per round to attempt to throw off the effects of this attack, with each success reducing the total number of successes by 1, but characters can perform no other actions while making this attempt.   Non-Penetrating [0] TCC
A weapon with this tag excels at damaging unarmored targets but has difficulty penetrating armor. The weapon gains a +1 Enhancement, but also doubles the value of all soft armor encountered   Obvious [0] TCA
This weapon is large enough that it functionally cannot be hidden on a person. The weapon has a size of either large or Size 0 and because of its size it gains +1 Enhancement toward inflicting Injury Conditions.   Optionally Non-Lethal [2, 3] TCA
A weapon with this tag can be set so that the user can choose whether an individual attack possesses the Non-Lethal tag or does normal damage, depending upon the user’s wishes. The 3-point version of this tag allows the user to switch between Non-Lethal and a Quality 2 normal attack. Characters can easily switch a weapon between these two modes and do not need to spend an action to do so.   Poison[2] TCA
Skin contact with or injury by this weapon automatically inflicts an Injury Condition on anyone whose skin contacts the weapon.   Poison (Non-Lethal) [2] TCA
This non-lethal poison causes the Unconscious Status Condition (Trinity Continuum Corebook, p. 108) to anyone whose skin contacts the weapon. For both types of poison, if the target is wearing anything more than light clothing, the attacker must either touch the target’s bare skin or cause damage to the target with a ballistic or edged attack bearing the poison.   Psi [-1] TCA
Any weapon with this tag is bioware that can be formatted. Formatting bioware unlocks its full potential and all formatted weapons gain some additional benefit, but doing this is not without risk. If the formatted item is destroyed, the character automatically suffers both an Injury Condition and a level 2 Complication (Shaken), as though struck by a Stun weapon.   Psi Gauntlet [0] TCA
This biotech super-science weapon is designed for use by psions. It must be formatted to be used and automatically possesses the Psi and Worn tags. Some also contain biotech lasers, increasing their Tolerance by •, but others only use their built-in psionic weapon.   Pushing [1] TCC
The weapon is heavy, large, or otherwise just good at pushing opponents around on the battlefield. You reduce the successes required to use the Shove Stunt by 1. Requires the large tag.   Pushing [2] DRE, Scion
The weapon is heavy, large, or otherwise just good at pushing opponents around on the battlefield. After dealing Stress or Injury Conditions to an opponent with such a weapon, a character can also choose to knock the opponent prone. Requires the large tag.   Quality [1-3] HR, TCC
A weapons enhancement bonus is equal to its Quality Tag. By default all weapons start with Quality 1. A weapon may only have one quality tag. Higher quality tags replace lower quality tags. Mundane maximum enhancement of 3.  
Quality Rating
  • Quality 1 = Enhancement 1
  • Quality 2 = Enhancement 2
  • Quality 3 = Enhancement 3
  Range Extended [1] HR
This weapon works well at its optimum range and maximum range, suffering no range penalty at maximum range. Great bows are example of this.   Range Limit [-1] HR
This weapon has a max range limited to its optimum range, instead of being able to reach one range band beyond optimum. Hand crossbows are an example of range limits.   Reach [1] DRE, Scion, TCC
A weapon with a long haft like a spear, or otherwise a weapon where one end of the weapon can reach up to six feet away (like a whip). These weapons can change Close Combat attacks into short-range attacks. Reach weapons gain +1 Enhancement when using the Complicate Stunt.   Restricted [0] TCC
This weapon is illegal for civilians to own almost everywhere, and is typically only found in the hands of soldiers, police special forces   Returning [1] DRE, Scion
Often paired with Thrown, this type of weapon returns when fired or thrown away from the character. Examples might include boomerangs as well as harpoons with a retractable chain.
Needs a rewrite.
  Shield [2] TCC
Weapons with the Shield tag are better at defending than attacking. Characters receive a +1 to their Defense when wielding a weapon with the Shield tag.   Shockwave [4] DRE, Scion
This weapon can be used to strike all targets in the same range band. This tag is reserved for weapons at large Scale or for powers of mages, novas, psions and is not typical on mundane weaponry.
AKA: Thunderwave Spell   Silent [1] TCC
This weapon is far quieter than normal weapons, either through the use of a silencer or by being a thin blade. When this weapon is fired or used, increase the Difficulty of hearing it by 2.   Skillful [1] DRE, Scion, HR
The weapon has other uses than simply causing harm. Add +1 Enhancement when using this weapon to perform any Stunts.  
House Rule: Originally Versatile, changed to Skillful allowing Versatile to be used elsewhere. Needs a rewrite
  Sonic [1] TCA
Sonic damage ignores armor unless the armor in question has the Environmental (1 or 2) tag.
AKA: Thunderwave Spell   Spread [1] TCC
This weapon emits a spread of projectiles or energy. Attacking with a spread weapon reduces the target’s Defense by 2 at close or short range. A weapon with this tag may be used at longer ranges, but it cannot inflict the penalty to Defense, and its Enhancement bonus is reduced by 1.   Super-Science [1, 2, 3] TCA
This weapon also includes Powered Noetic Super-Science. Only weapons with the Psi tag can possess this tag, and all weapons that use this tag must be formatted. The weapon contains Super-Science with a Rank and a Formatting Tolerance equal to the value of this tag. Increase its Formatting Tolerance by one dot if it also contains a separate biotech weapon. The weapon has a minimum cost equal to the value of this tag.   Stun [1] TCC
A weapon with the Stun tag does not inflict damage when purchasing the Inflict Damage Stunt Instead, it inflicts the Stunned Status Condition with a +2 Complication instead.  
Stun [1] Scion
When inflicting an Injury, this weapon can only be used to inflict the Minor Injury Conditions Bruised, Staggered, or Stunned, or the Major Injury Condition Battered. When a character is Taken Out by a weapon with the Stun tag, they are knocked unconscious.
Stun [1] DRE
This weapon inflicts Stress Conditions instead of Injury Conditions.
Subtle [0] EX3, HR
Blowgun needle, Poison Needle Ring, Gom Jabbar (Dune), syringe  
Need mechanics, no Inflict, inject or break skin
  Tactical Sight 1 [1] TCC, HR
(Ranged weapons only.)
Allows the weapon to work at full effectiveness at an additional range.   Tactical Sight 2 [2] TCA, HR
Advances in adaptive optics means that the tactical sight tag now allows the weapon to work at full effectiveness at 2 additional ranges.  
Team [-1]
This weapon requires time and effort to set up, reload, move, etc such as a catapult or trebuchet. An action must be dedicated to the aspect of the weapon that requires work and attention. DRE, Scion  
House Rule: Originally Slow, changed and split into Load and Team to better target the different aspects of each.
  Two-Handed (-1) DD5, DRE, Scion, TCC, HR
This weapon requires two hands when you attack with it. If the character loses the use of one of her hands, she cannot attack with this weapon. This weapon is harder to disarm +1 or 2? Requires the large tag.   Unconcealable [-1] DRE, Scion
The weapon is too big or bulky to be easily hidden. You may be able to smuggle it into places by putting it in a container or case of some kind, but even this might be difficult without arousing suspicion. Requires the medium or large tag.   Variable [1] TCA
This weapon can, at the user’s choice, deliver either stun damage or normal damage, but cannot do both in a single attack. Characters can easily switch a weapon between these two modes and do not need to spend an action to do so.   Variable Ammo [2, 3] TCC
This projectile weapon can fire multiple types of ammunition, each of which can have a different set of tags, most often Explosive (ranged), Gas, Incendiary, Non-penetrating, Piercing, Spread, or Stun. The value of the variable tag is equal to the cost of the most expensive tag this ammo can use (either 2 or 3). All ammunition fired by this weapon also possesses any additional tags the weapon has. The user must spend an action to switch between different types of ammunition.   Variable Poison [3] TCA
This weapon can administer both lethal and non-lethal poison but cannot do both in a single attack. The character must spend an action to switch between these two types of poison.   Versatile [2] DD5, HR
(Melee weapons only.)
This weapon may be used one-handed or two-handed. When using this weapon with two hands gain a +1 Enhancement towards inflicting Injury Conditions. Requires the medium tag. Examples are a Katana, Bastard Sword or Battle Axe.   Weighted [1] TCC
(Melee weapons only.)
This weapon is especially well weighted and good at pushing targets around. Reduces the number of successes needed for the Knockdown/Trip and Shove Stunts by 2.   Worn [1] DRE, Scion, TCC
This weapon is strapped to or worn on your body in some way. Worn weapons are not subject to disarm.  
A special thank you to all of the writers, publishers, and systems that have come before this to lay the framework to get here. Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, Trinity, Exalted, Chronicles of Darkness, Silhouette Core, and many more...

Source List

DREDystopia Rising: Evolution
HRHouse Ruled
SEAThey Came Beneath the Sea
(Pre-Errata PDF - Pending Release)
TCATrinity Continuum Aeon
TCBTrinity Continuum Aberrant
(Not yet released)
TCCTrinity Continuum Core
Chronicles of Darkness
HLHurt Locker


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