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Somas Wagon

Somas wagon is a a fixture that folk are used to seeing parked in the Warrens outside of Smoke - Tent City. Soma is an mature halfling skilled in the ways of healing, poultices and helping folks.    


  Soma is not originally native of Ptolus but hails from the Plains of Rhoth. Soma survived the Gnoll Wars as a warrior and defender treading deep in the bloodshed, watching friends die unable to save them. After the Gnoll Wars concluded something was different in him, he left the blood and battle behind taking the first caravan he could find leaving to aimlessly travel. During his travels he found divine inspiration from Engelan, the God of the Present with visions of himself saving people in the City of Ptolus. As he arrived in Ptolus he used what savings he had to set up a healers wagon in the Warrens outside of Smoke or the very poor Tent City. The first thing he did was remove the wheels and stash them as a statement that he was here to stay.    


  The wagon is a brightly colored caravan wagon in great condition, with the small exception of missing all four of its wheels.   The wagons interior has two sections the small sleeping area and the larger section for tenind to visitors that need his healing.    


  Soma using his practiced empathy and keen perception does not charge anyone who can not pay for services treating them to the best of his ability including any and all products he has.   GM Notes

D&D 5th Edition

  Soma does not charge anyone who is at a Lifestyle Expenses of Poor or lower.



  Soma is a follower of Engelan, God of the Present and this influences his approach on life. He does not judge actions of the past, they are the past - and that would be foolish to hold on to. He is not as concerned with the future as it has not unveiled itself. The crucial focus is Here and Now . Soma bears the Reflective Raindrop holy symbol of Engelan on each of his palms.
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