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Vampire Scale House Rule

To capture the granular bonuses of Vampire the Requiem we will use a special Vampire Scale for Physical Intensity, Frenzy and physical Disciplines. This Vampire Scale allows bonuses from different Vampire sources to stack. The total Enhancements are determined first and the Scale second by referencing the Vampire Scale chart.
Enhancement from Scale tops out at +10e (Scale 5) for most characters. Scale beyond this is reserved for Epic entities of an otherworldly nature and possible Elder Kindred.


Vampire Scale Example

A Blood Potency 2 Vampire succumbs to Frenzy and spends one Vitae on Physical Intensity Might and 1 Vitae to Activate Vigor 2.

ENHItem / Scale
+1ePhysical Intensity
+2ePersistent Vigor
+2eActive Vigor
+7eScale 4

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