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Ptolus Religion & Chaos

There is one religion, and there are a thousand.


  Creator of the World of Praemal, he departed from the world long ago and only observes it now.  

Elder Gods

  The deities known now as the Elder Gods are the children of Praemus. Departed from the ebb and flow of the world and rarely worshipped today.  


  Even before the world existed, the Galchutt were. The foulest of demons, the darkest of gods, these beings were masters of destruction, chaos, and oblivion. They had no interest in the small concerns of lesser demons, such as pain, misery, temptation, lust, and so on. They sought the apocalyptic end of all that is, everything beyond the boundaries of Praemal. Of all worlds that exist, all worlds that will exist, and all the spaces in between. Lords of Chaos and to others as the Natharl’nacna.  

New Gods

  The New Gods represent the bulk of what mortal think of as gods across the land. They are called the "New Gods" only in contrast to the Elder Gods.  
Ptolus 5e (pg 710)


  Metaphysically speaking, the demons who dwell on Praemal are quite young, in that they were spawned after the Galchutt’s imprisonment, when Raguel ruled in Hell. (The Galchutt and their kind are “old demons.” No old demon from the Galchutt’s time would enter into the trap to which their old masters had fallen victim.) The young demons call themselves the Fallen.  





Major Gods


Minor Gods



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