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Hunter tongue

This ancient language was developed and trained into the Hunter of Natherre.    


  The goal was to provide a language versatile enough to cover spoken, written and somatic communications. Giving the Hunter of Natherre a subtle means of communicating under the close scrutiny of the enemy. A fast means of conveying important focused words or themes in the heat of battle. As well as a covert mean of passing written messages that would appear mundane.    

Just the Facts

  Its great for communicating danger, caution, aid or other very focused concepts. It is not meant to convey long or complex topics.    


  The somatic component or version can be any set of mundane seeming moves such as scratching one wrist, a forming of the fingers, tweaking of the earlobe and can be integrated into the current situation such as an upscale evening gala or a wild skirmish.   The spoken version relies on stressing certain syllables in a specific manner, adding extra mundane words in a specific combination, and even overlaying dialect nuance to words.   Written version could include specific strokes to form letters, imperfections to letters, alterations of a waxed seal or Parchment used. In rare situations special inks can be used that when exposed to fire or other compounds reveal another coded message.  

Thieves Can't

  While it shares traits with thieves can't, it should be considered a military evolution ed or advanced version of such. Someone well trained in thieves can't could possible realize there are subtle messages.   Hunters Tongue could easily be compared to Kindred Cacophony as being a more advanced subtle language. Usually the Hunter Tongue is meant for a team of two hunters to operate with while Cacophony is part of Kindred society.   Related   Hunter of Natherre   Cacophony


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