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Harpy of the Prince

The Harpies traffic in gossip and maneuvering themselves up the ladder of success, drawing others with them – or kicking them in the teeth and knocking them back down. Being as Harpies consider themselves the “voice of society,” it is best to remember that they are generally extremely skilled in social skills, quite vain and will always make sure they come out ahead in any deal.
  Harpies serve other purposes, however. They are the keepers of boons and record the nightly activities of the Kindred they have set themselves to watch. Harpies are trusted to keep the official record of debts owed and status gained and can also be called upon to serve as diplomats or envoys to other domain.
  The position of Harpy is not appointed by the Prince, but rather comes from an appointment of sorts from the Primogen Council. In order to be the Domain's Harpy, a majority of the Primogen in a city must lend their voice of support to the candidate. It is a title that is given to those Kindred who show skill at gathering, spreading, and using gossip and debts to make or break a vampire’s place in society. The best Harpies are unimpressed by braggarts, immune to bluster, and they show remarkable insight into reading a vampires nature and true motivations.
  Harpies are both feared and trusted. They seem to be unusually aware of dirty little secrets, crimes committed (even in other cities) and if they have a mind to, they are able to raise Kindred to the heights of legend or to destroy their reputation forever. Bucking a harpy could assure one a place at the bottommost rung of the ladder of power for years to come.
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