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Hall of Eros

These notes and ramblings can serve as the info for all three articles ....  
  • Hall of Eros
  • Priests of Eros
  • Divinity of Eros
  • Eros is a working name and may change   This building in Midtown should have been something else (maybe a small Inn) now being used for the hall of eros. The hall will act as a shrine, small temple, not in great repair, just getting started, being fixed up. The repair is part of the project that the helpers work towards.   This will act as a small shelter with limited beds keeping the focus on helping a few. Deliberately keeping their foot print small and under the radar. Turn over is fast with many of those helped, becoming helpers, and then moving on. His plan is to keep them below the notice of real temples and priests, just one more of the 1000 gods in the land.   We offer health and healing to those in need, especially prostitutes offering healing or cleansing of disease. We help you find the love of life (secretly passion also) but that's hidden part.   Focus: Life, Love, Lust   Secret Backers (Daeva Clan), The Secret is this is a project launched by Blaise for the Daeva in midtown. Blaise Dredges up the name of a long forgotten god or goddess (multi-faceted) for both female and male.   Selects a husband and wife (middle age to older) to act as the lead priests of this faith. He will use his levels of Majesty to invoke them seeing an avatar of a god. So that they truly believe they are doing the work of their god/goddess.  
  • Father & Mother (High priest and priestess)
  • Maybe Envoy of Eros
  • Envoy of Love
  • He will be teaching them a modified version of sorcery just for mortals which will give them the low level ritual abilities to heal and help, very specific, very targeted, and none of it fast. So no D&D casting times. Most rituals would be a min of 1 hour, not that it will be important. He does not set them up to be D&D like priests but more healers. No mechanics for the sorcery just narrative.   Blaise goal eventually is to offer prostitutes funding for their license through the hall of eros in return for a small term of service maybe a week and their healing. He is looking to build loyalty and an information network. This can and will work hand in hand with Cat's Delight if you so desire as well.   After this is written I will drop the part of this into a secrets with Daeva sub group.
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    Owning Organization


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    This article was written by the creative and talented Davina and edited for world and game use by Graylion in the Shadow War Across Creation. To see more writing and world building by Davina, visit WIRE.

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