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The United Katos Empire

The United Katos Empire

  The United Katos Empire was a large empire that stretched around that Katosian gulf from around 1200 AT to 400 NE, over 1600 years. Agriculture was it's biggest industry, with more than 500 tonnes of produce being exported each year.


The Structure of the Katos empire involved the king as the highest power, the commander of all, with a group of people that the king selected to be in command of various things, and sort out any problems, and do things the king had not the time to do. Underneath these powers were the high priests/religious leaders. Underneath these were the scribes and engineers, who wrote down history and designed buildings. The Army generals were beneath these, the highest level of the army. Next came merchants, guildsmen, and crafters, who made tools and weapons. Underneath these were peasants, farmers, and fisherman, etc. The very bottom were slaves, under the command of everyone else.


The Katosian Empires life revolves around farming, and it's main religion, Shwafsho, is centred around agricultural life. In more modern cultural times, however, larger cites and more non-agricultural professions have lead to the change of the culture to move away from agriculture and towards general life.


The United Katos Empire was formed in 1200 AT when the king of upper Katos conquered lower Katos. In the coming years the people of lower Katos were allowed to live their normal lives, but under a new command. In the next hundred years Katos began to conquer more land around it, even spreading it's reach up into some of the highest nearby mountains. It had many technological advances including some very strong architecture, and some of the first aqueducts.


In about 400 NE Invaders from the north took down the capital, and conquered the north (upper) Katos regions. Some of the lower regions then formed the Tsson Empire, which made great advances as well.

Technological Level

Up to the point of

Agriculture & Industry

The main Industry of the Katos empire is Agriculture.

Agriculture is the key to success


  • Rokne
    The City of Rokne, The Capital of the United Katos Empire and a major port for thousands of years.

1200 AT - 400 NE

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Lekaf is the official currency of the United Katos Empire. Each unit is worth around a kilogram of grain. They are small coins, 1-2 cm in diameter, plated in very low carat gold.
Major Exports
Grain, Meat, and some minerals.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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