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Rokne is mainly home to Katosians, however about 10% of it's population comes from other countries. Outsiders view people from Rokne as very rich, however many of the people are working class, often traders of merchants, as the city is a major port.


The city of Rokne has more laws than in most parts of Katos. Since the city is home to the King of Katos the city's government is run by a group of people chosen by the King. The government taxes people who live in the city at varying rates, often depending on the class of the person being taxed, monthly.


The city of Rokne is surrounded by walls with gates in 3 places. The side facing the river mouth and docks has a gap for boats to enter, protected by a headland with watch towers on it. Much of the city has outgrown it's walls, leading to less protected parts for less rich people to live in located outside the walls.

Industry & Trade

The Main trade export of the city of Rokne is grain, which is grown throughout the Katos empire. Since it is a major port much of the produce of the agricultural industry is transported here, to be put on ships.


The city of Rokne is a very built up place, with much concrete and buildings. most of the city is surrounded by very high walls


Rokne was originally established as the home of the upper Katos Empire in 1600 AT. For the next 400 years it became a major port in the transportation of grain, and a major defence point of the upper Katos Empire. When it was attacked by the Lower Katos Empire in 1230 AT (During The Katos wars) many buildings were destroyed and much grain was lost to fires started by invaders. The fires also destroyed a great archive of some great technological innovation that set the advance of technology back hundreds of years. A few decades later the upper Katos Empire Conquered the lower Katos Empire, which not only ended the Katos wars, but also set the new capital of Both Empires as Rokne.    After the formation of the United Katos Empire the city of Rokne was a major port for trade for over a thousand years. In this time it became one of the greatest cities in the entire region, with some great architectural marvels. Various wars during this time set small amounts of damage to the city, most notably in 12 NE when it was attacked by invaders from the south, who managed to assassinate the king, which caused disruption to the whole empire. In 400 NE when invaders from the north attacked, the city was one of the major defence points. Rokne was taken over in 424 NE, and the king was assassinated. In 446 NE the invaders destroyed it completely, leaving it in ruins, and completely destroying all law and order in the Katos Empire.

Natural Resources

Rokne is located at a major river mouth and has a large fishing industry, In the fields nearby grain is farmed to be used for food or sold at the docks in Rokne. Animals are also farmed in smaller amounts in the nearby feilds, especially ones that store well.

450 NE

Founding Date
1800 AT
Alternative Name(s)
Capital City
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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