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The Wandering Gods have left this plane.
For 3500 years the Wandering Gods came and went between the nations of Cré. From them, the nations learned much and from union with the gods, the ancient dynasties of Cré were granted power in their blood. The last residence of the gods was in the region of Caledon where the nation of Ériu would soon arise. In this land, for nearly 500 years, the Wandering Gods waged war with the giants known as the Fomori. Long ago the king of the Fomori, Balor of the Baleful Eye, was given the prophecy of his own demise. Despite his best efforts a child was born to a Fomori Princess and the Wandering god, Cian. Their child, Lugh, would later grow to lead the Wandering gods in victory over the Fomori after fatally wounding King Balor   The vile Fomori defeated, the Wandering Gods decreed that the world would from then on belong to the mortal races. They have not been seen in any nation since and that was over 700 years ago. The only remnants are ruins, powerful relics and the ancient dynasties with divine blood in their veins.


Titanya Di Gracel

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