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Craton II Timeline

Premodern Era

... 6528 ME

Era before reliably recorded history. Legends, artifacts, and hearsay are all we have from this time period.

  • -1 P.M.E.

    World Created
    Geological / environmental event

    The Sun Monks mysteriously created the dyson shell in which all events take place

Modern Era

Era spanning from (defining leader decreeing records) to the present.

  • 1653 M.E.

    1653 M.E.


    First Contact: Hirana Gāradaza
    Discovery, Exploration

    Chalchiutl Atlcahualo, Cuicatecatl explorer and anthropologist, established peaceful contact with southern members of the Hirana Gāradaza people. They trade goods and attempt to decode each others’ languages, then part ways.