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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Chalchiutl, Coaxoch, Cozamalotl, Coszcatl, Malinalxochitl, Quetzalxochitl, Tlalli, Tepin, Teiciuh, Centehua, Necahual, Eloxochitl, Xiloxoch, Xoco, Tepi

Masculine names

Chimalli, Coyotl, Cuetlachtli, Huitzilin, Huitzilihuitl, Ilhicamina, Itztli, Milintica, Necalli, Nezahualpilli, Nopaltzin, Tezcacoatl, Xipilli, Tochtli, Itzcuintli

Unisex names

Tlachinolli, Amoxtli, Ichtaca, Atl, Chicahua, Ihuicatl, Toltecatl, Citlalli, Ichnoyotl, Cualli, Xochitl, Etalpalli, Eztli, Ixtli, Meztli, Nochtli, Patli, Ohtli, Tenoch, Xipil, Ihuitl, Xiuhcoatl, Yaotl, Ahuiliztli, Yolotli, Mecatl, Itotia

Other names

Calendar names: typically the month of birth, though if particularly traditional may be the exact birthdate on the Aztec calendar.


Major language groups and dialects

Tolteca (Human Common)

Common Dress code

As long as genitalia is covered, almost anything goes. Most common are some combination of tilmatli, loincloth, blouse, and/or skirt, but it’s not unusual for people to walk around in protective work garments or something similar. Sandals are also common. Currently, it is fasionable to have short-cropped hair and wear plain clothes in more earthy or muted colors.

Common Taboos

Outward expressions of religion (gnomes excluded) makes many very uncomfortable. Killing or maiming, when not in self-defense or state-condoned military action, is highly frowned apon, as is stealing and vandalism.


Beauty Ideals

Currently, beauty ideals are very utilitarian and center around androgyny. Being working class is somewhat romanticized, so features such as mild muscularity, looking slightly unkempt, and general uniformity are considered desirable.

Gender Ideals

Egalitarianism. Equality in areas gender/sex shouldn’t affect, support in areas it does. All genders are considered equal and even slightly irrelevant, and nontraditional genders are fully integrated into society.

Languages spoken

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