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Piper Monsoon

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Chief Architect (CLALEN), General or Comrade (revolutionary)
Lina Monsoon (a.k.a. Piper, Pipes
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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Huge and very solidly built compared to a human. If not for her freckles and general facial features, she could easily be mistaken for a full-blooded orc. She has a timeless face that makes it rather difficult to discern her age.

Apparel & Accessories

Piper enjoys looking unique. She wears a mashup of apparel from many different areas of the craton, including tilmatli, sari, batik wrappings, and tailored clothing. Usually, these are shorter and less flowy than their typical counterparts, as Piper values mobility. She generally wears her hair loose and down.  

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Žemyna always wears full traditional orcish garb, to the point of being archaic, as a political statement. This consists of a loose shirt, pants, sash, and moccasins, all elaborately embroidered in ceremonial style. She refuses to wear anything, including armor, of industrial design. Žemyna typically wears her hair up and in a tight bun or braids, occasionally

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Piper is a modern girl! Raised by both parents in the heart of Toltecatlan, she is well versed in the rules of society. Music is her passion, so she's left home to go explore the craton while earning her way as a bard.

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Or at least this is her cover. She's worked for CLALEN since she got her first internship at 18, and has since proven herself an invaluable asset. Who's going to suspect the sweet, naiive young musician of being the architect behind some of the craton's worst civil rights abuses?
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Žemyna was born in a little town in the wildlands, but was removed from the care of her orc mother by her human father at the tender age of eight. She learned to hate the humans and the waste that they embody, despairing over the destruction of her native forests that she saw every day. More importantly, she abhorred the total apathy and lack of unity she witnessed between humans, caring only for business in the here and now regardless of consequences for future generations. At sixteen years old she managed to run away and, using skills recalled from her childhood, managed to rejoin her forest brethren. She refuses to claim a clan in her name, insisting that she belongs to and stands to defend all clans. Partially, though, this is also to protect the anonymity of her village and her elderly mother, who would surely become ransom targets if their location was known.
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The body's history does not matter. The body cares only what it can destroy, with no qualms about where or how, besides evading suspicion as long as possible.


Piper is a bard and thus an independent contractor, duh.

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Arc. Monsoon is a very high ranking CLALEN operative; she's the one who came up with the idea for labor camps in the first place. She's been working there for over 10 years and has made it to the inner circles. Currently, she is a member and unofficial leader of the special counsel for alternative land development (code name: SCALD). She is a co-designer of the methods currently in use for the management of undesireable populations blocking CLALEN's access to valuable resources: namely, their relocation to gated cities built specifically for the purpose of housing them. They're provided housing, communities, and even employment, it's TOTALLY HUMANE! Never mind the fact you need a company-issued pass to be outside the gates between the hours of 5 pm and 8 am! Obviously, bad PR must be avoided in case someone finds out and decides to misconstrue the situation, so Monsoon occasionally works as an undercover operative to seed rumors and do damage control. Not because she has to, but because she finds it a delightful change of pace.
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Žemyna is obviously self-employed, as a revolutionary leader, and has approximately 50-200 soldiers under her command at any given time. If she pulls all her reserves, she can muster as many as 500 spirits at once. She maintains a camp in the forest which travels depending on their next mark, but is often gone on long reconnaissance missions. She has an almost uncanny ability to suss out details on the latest CLALEN developments.

Accomplishments & Achievements

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The body has successfully managed to manipulate growing tensions onto the brink of full-scale catastrophic warfare, and she is very pleased. Now if only she could drag in other cratons, or perhaps a plane or two . . .

Morality & Philosophy

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The body is the way she is and that's that. Was she wronged in some way? Driven to a breaking point? Just born this way? Nobody knows or cares, least of all the body. Her birth name, origin, and old relationships are of no consequence. She embodies, entirely, the role she is presenting at any given time. And when she sheds them like a snake's skin and stands there naked as herself? She is a force of raw malice and determination, nothing more. The body is aware that eventually her luck will run out and she will go down, but she means to bring the rest of civilization with her.

Personality Characteristics


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To watch the world burn. For whatever reason, or perhaps no reason at all, this half-orc cannot wait to destroy as much of civilization as she can singlehandedly manage. Wealth, friendships, authority; all of that will be thrown away in an instant when she thinks it will help her in her mission. Death is an inconvenience only because it prevents her from wrecking more.


Contacts & Relations

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Major Žemnya contacts:

(you’re Žemnya of the Vipers - powerful comrades often don’t ask for clan names but I’m providing them for you in case you wanna get Saucy with someone)
Linas (more like “linness” than “lienus”) Elkheart of the Shadowwatch Band (M, 45ish): Extremely ill, survives leader of the current main occupants of the Passover Camp, which is where you’ve currently infiltrated (you knew it was in the region, may have stayed in the Passover Camp before at your discretion. The Passover Camp is usually used for smuggling in/out of Tehuantepec) thru a less policed border)
  • The Shadowwatch band is just on the radical side of center and specializes in stealth missions and espionage, hence the name. They typically don’t kill civilians and focus only on those directly involved in the atrocities, having no taste for the mass bombings and such you carry out. They will still welcome you as a sister, of course, you’re all comrades-in-arms - they have no qualms about others doing dirty work. In fact, they’re here to smuggle members of the Pheonix Syndicate in.
Saulė of the Vipers (F, 27): Barely injured Your right-hand woman, runs your camp in your frequent absences. Chosen because she’s loyal to a fault
  • All at your discretion, but the Viper Band is medium-size but RADICAL. Collateral what collateral? Y’all plant mines all the time.
Lašukas Freedman of the Reckoners (M, 19): A primary organizer of the Razers Died on scene
Vilija Marrowbone of the Reckoners (F, 74): A primary organizer of the Reclaimers Died on scene
  • The Reckoners is an EXTREMELY radical band (and not just orc! The Reckoning is pan-Forest) split into two miniature armies: Razers and Reclaimers. The Razers are more personal about their murder than the Vipers probably are, instead of just bombing and running and such personal revenge is a goal of many members so they do a lot of just storming on manpower alone, with whatever means they can carry, regardless of casualty. The Reclaimers are the “cleanup crew” in that they finish levelling the buildings, return the land to the forest, and stuff, but they also take care of the bodies and the wounded. Basically, the Reckoners are all about responding to aggression with aggression.
Aušra Bellbird of the Pheonix Syndicate (F, 55): Matriarch within the Syndicate Dies of her injuries over the course of a few days, without high-level treatment
  • The Pheonix Syndicate is a collaboration of druids who have decided that defensive action is not enough and a more active stance must be taken. They utilize natural forces against their enemies, and can be EXTREMELY brutal. The Pheonixes are rather decentralized, and many members belong to another band in addition to it (you even have a few Pheonixes who show up in the Vipers from time to time).
Mėnuo Leywalker, Comrade of the Tusk (M, 38) Died on scene
  • The Comrades of the Tusk are a fairly typical but very close-knit band on the outside. However, there are many rumors about them - mainly that they are, or have access to, some sort of shapechanging monsters. You’re not sure if this is intentional (to stir up fear amongst the enemy) or contains a grain of truth.
Žemnya Turtle of the Miners (or Little Žemnya) (F, 11): Just a regular member of the Miners, but she really idolizes you and could probably convince other Miners to do what she says Nearly perishes of her injuries, but manages to pull through due to her youthful resilience. Will try to become a soldier, despite permanent lung damage and a fairly serious head injury.
  • The Miners is a band primarily composed of those who can’t or shouldn’t fight, such as young children and nursing mothers. They’re a major labor force behind new tunnels and living spaces
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Major CLALEN Contacts

Lachtnán Alder (Long Lankin) (M, elf, ~300): Assassin/interrogations specialist who Monsoon works with fairly regularly - he considers you a friend. He is a wood elf w/brown skin, long black hair, and pale yellow eyes. He specializes in psychic damage and psychological torture for markless kills and wringing information out of unwilling subjects without physical evidence. Blatant sadist.
  By Lamplight Glows A Husband’s Silhouette (Lampglow) (M, tabaxi, 67): President of CLALEN. This is not public knowledge, you’re just part of the inner sanctum. He rarely leaves Company compounds but travels around a lot, so is rather difficult to physically get ahold of (though he can be direct radio’d via emergency line, there will be consequences if this is misused). He comes to you, generally, if he sees fit to interact.

SCALD Members

  • Tepin Atemoztli (F, human, 24): Takes care of the “people factor” - Tepin is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the camps directly. She designs the buildings, time-tables, employment opportunities, expectations etc. A boring tryhard nerd.
  • Klara Borysowa (F, gnome, 46): Chief scientist and aversives specialist, so very very sketchy morally. She is genuinely a friendly and bubbly person and often hobnobs with inmates, so she’s actually somewhat well-liked within the camps when her job isn’t known.
  • The Sky Is Fertile With Summer Storms (Storm) (X, tabaxi, 42): SCALD treasurer - ey manages the budget, which is a huge job on its own. Ey also keeps perspective with the company as a whole. Typically the one to make suggestions vis a vis new locations. Occasionally ey play “bad cop” to your “good cop”, when it suits em.
  • Vishal Tuli (M, human, 53): Land management specialist - handles the mining/foresting/building/etc. crews. He’s a quiet dude, but always down for a drink with the lads.
Your role: Managerial/oversight of the whole shebang, but officially your role is propaganda (including espionage and info-gathering). You’re in charge of cover-ups and sales pitches, make sure everything is really under control in the outside world, and you are often trusted by other orcs and such are used as a “good cop” to attract them into deals.

Religious Views

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The body will kill gods and laugh.

Social Aptitude

Piper is very gentle and even-keeled. She's easy to get along with and extremely charismatic; after all, her job depends on it. She abhorrs conflict and always does her best to smooth fights over as quickly as possible. She's a bit of a people pleaser.

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Žemyna is mercurial and extreme. Loyalty is rewarded highly, betrayal means death . . . Or worse. She is extremely temperamental and prone to getting caught up in the moment. When calm, she's pretty chill and reasonable, but when Hyped and/or Upset she will only stop short of revealing she’s a persona. Unbelievably brutal. Bit of a drunkard, always has a flask of signature “courage blend” and ritually takes a swig before big attacks (in reality, she's stone-cold sober and the flask contains sugar water).


Piper talks like a valley girl.

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At least, she does when she's on recon missions. She still talks like that when she's amongst CLALEN operatives or working the camps, but her ruthless steely undertone and the gravity of what she's discussing make it less cute and ditzy, and more dissonant and terrifying.
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Žemyna has a moderately affected orcish accent, closest resembling Orcish Trade Common. Which is to say, sort of slavic (baltic/Latvian if you can manage it).
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The body affects whatever she thinks will be most jarring to her audience at the time and is not above mimicking colleagues, loved ones, and the like in order to scare the piss out of whoever she's killing (because really, why else would she reveal herself?). She finds it so hilarious she can't help herself.

Half-Orc *****
Year of Birth
1733 ME 33 Years old
Biological Sex
Wide and golden-brown
Black, shoulder-length, thick and wavy
Skin Tone
Mossy green, lightly freckled
180 cm (5'11")
114 kg (251 lbs)

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Sooooo, I was in this town, looking for work because I'm broke (what else is new) and stayed at this inn, pretty normal place, had a few drinks with the patrons, played some songs—it was a good time! Well, the next morning I wake up to some dude knocking on my door telling me some priest was murdered! like, What? Well the rest of my day was spent answering questions by the police. An elf I had drinks with the night before was also there, and she seemed suuper mad at this human named Atl. Like they were screaming at each other all day. Once they found out I could cast they put me in the suspect corner. Rude.   Anyways they let me out early but Pandora and Atl were still being questioned, and the police were also questioning some random orc dude, he seemed super bummed so I helped him escape by turning him invisible. He gave me a gold on his way out :)   Well the day was almost over and Pandora and Atl weren't even let out yet, and to be honest, I'd like to think I helped them out of the kindness of my heart, but really I just needed a job and they seemed like they had a gig lined up. I basically helped them fake their deaths and then went to the morgue to pick them up later with their things. Atl broke his arm in transport, which I feel sooo bad about. I had to take them to this hospital and I think I freaked Pandora out because she was looking rough once we left for the job. I'm going to explain everything to them once we get a spare moment.


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