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Grenadier Austeja

Grenadier Austeja

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She has an average build for an orc, which is to say, fairly chunky with a lot of functional muscle and a not-insignificant amount of padding over top.

Special abilities

Unlike most soldiers, Austeja also possesses trifling magical abilities. Not enough to be a shaman, but enough to yank her missions and comrades from the brink of death.

Apparel & Accessories

Being in the Viper Band, Austeja dresses rather vividly and traditionally most of the time. She is partial to yellows, oranges, golds and blacks.

Specialized Equipment

Austeja is a skirmisher and a grenadier, so she is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat, but also hand munitions. She is particularly large and strong, even for a soldier.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Her early childhood was hard-spent but comparatively blissful, ekeing out a living with the Mossbright band in the northern wilds. That all changed at 10 years old, when they were suddenly moved to a settled CLALEN camp. There, she saw firsthand the true power of dictatorship.

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Instead of hatred, she found herself inspired.   Her family is alive, but she is no longer in contact with them. She has a former identity which she abandoned, but can still make use of if needed.

Morality & Philosophy

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She fully and wholeheartedly believes that people are happier and can only survive when ruled over by a strong power, and that nobody but herself can be trusted with that role. She is essentially a radical fascist.

Personality Characteristics


Liberate the Wildlands. Take back the forest. Save her people, taking down as many of the enemy as she can before she goes. And if possible, become a great general and spread her reach throughout the land.

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Nah. She's gonna rule them all one day. Order and peace cannot exist without someone keeping it with an iron fist, and she has seen it happen. But people don't know that they want to be subjugated, so to get there, she must first be subtle.


Family Ties

Austeja is a member of the Forest Liberation Army. More specifically, she is affiliated with the Vipers Band under General ┼Żemyna.

Religious Views

Like many orcs, Austeja is an animist: she believes everything in nature has a spirit or life force, and that they can be emulated and followed in everyday life to gain insight on one's place in the world. Since her early teens, Austeja has chosen bees as her kindred spirits. Their small size and furious sting, as well as their ability to take down infinitely more powerful enemies by fighting as a seamless unit, inspire her. Truly, bees are the epitome of camaraderie.

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But most of all, she admires their perfect societies. Strong, peaceful, protected, and headed by a single all-powerful queen.


Has a strong Northern Orcish accent, but can tone it down if she so pleases.

A young soldier, out for blood.

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Lawful Evil
Orc ***
Northern Wildlands (near the Ozoztlan border)
Current Residence
Passover Camp
Biological Sex
Golden, yet hard.
Raven black, reaching her mid-back.
Skin Tone
Deep green.
191 cm (6'3")
122 kg (269 lbs)
Known Languages
Orcish Northern Dialect, Sylvan, Human Common (Tolteca).

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