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Gnomish Common

Common language standardized and spoken by gnomes. Generally more archaic and formal than forms often found in the Feywild due to its primary status as a religious language. Rarely used outside of religious services or private conversations with family or close friends. Occasionally picked up by those who work closely with gnomes, such as labmates or factory partners, but not often to the degree of total fluency. Fairly uniform across the craton.   Real counterpart: Polish


Gnomish faerie alphabet (polish roman alphabet). Letters represent sounds and can modify each other.

Geographical Distribution

Spoken almost exclusively by gnomes, or those who work very closely with gnomes. Therefore, rarely spoken outsode the C.A.S.A., and even there it isn’t often used on the streets.

Pronounciation help:
Common Female Names
Serafina, Adelajda, Bronisława, Ludmiła, Agnieszka, Czesława, Brygida, Klara, Eligia, Nadzieja, Elżbieta, Genowefa, Grażyna, Irena, Teodozja, Ania, Iwona, Jadwiga, Judyta, Julianna, Kaja, Katarzyna, Kinga, Łucja, Marcelina, Oliwia, Salomea, Zofia
Common Male Names
Kazimierz, Aleksy, Władysław, Amadeusz, Iwan, Aron, Dawid, Augustyn, Bogumił, Walery, Bolesław, Miłogost, Gustaw, Borys, Celestyn, Cyryl, Dobrosław, Eliasz, Ignacy, Feliks, Henryk, Jakub, Kasper, Lew, Konstantyn, Ksawery, Lechosław, Maksym, Piotr, Radzimierz, Roman, Wiktor

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