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The Tokkerfry Line

The most ancient royal family of Liberalis, dating back to Samson Tokkerfry, who founded the very first of the true liberan cities around the first known infinite well. This family stretches its branches into the royal families of half of the Liberan cities  


The Tokkerfrys founded 21 cities scattered around Liberalis near infinte wells. This gave birth to many smaller lineages of royals. They've continued to rule over these cities since the founding.  


The Tokkerfrys are known as an ancient royal family with many blessings in the shape of infinite wells. As such they are well liked among the people, though some members have crossed lines to lift themselves within the family ranks.  


The Tokkerfrys serve as royal families and nobles in most of the Liberan cities and is therefore thought to carry the blessing of the water gods, keeping the water flowing within the cities. Their duties include running the cities, ensuring the people are provided for, and maintaining diplomatic relations.  


Tokkerfry Family Tree

Samson Tokkerfry

The founding father and the discoverer of the very first infinite well.  

Theresa Tokkerfry

Descendent 2 generations after Samson. Mother to Madelena and 2 others.  

Madelena Tokkerfry

Daughter of Theresa, diseased with no children at a young age.  

Isabella Tokkerfry

Descendent 6 generations after Samson. Mother of Manfred and the Twins.  

Manfred Tokkerfry

The twins older brother and daughter of Isabella. Travelled in search of a well twice as the first failed and both of his younger sisters later succeded. A servant claimed to have found his well first. That servant was killed and the water of the well soon turned red.  

Fralia Tokkerfry

The older of the twin daughters of Isabella. Found a well in close proximity to her sister after her brother failed his own search.  

Dehlia Tokkerfry

The younger of the twin daughters of Isabella. Found a well in close proximity to her sister after her brother failed his own search.  

Fredrick Tokkerfry


Sofia Tokkerfry


Winnifred Tokkerfry


Donfred Tokkerfry


Wulfred Tokkerfry

The last Tokkerfry to discover an infinte well. Travelled Liberalis for several years in the search.

Public Agenda

Maintaining political power and providing for the people

Blessed Are We

Family Crest: Flowing water infinity symbol
Founding Date
Year 136
Infinite wells All liberalis towns and villages were founded around infinite well (item)s which could provide water for the population indefinitely in an area where drinkable water was scarce. Those discovering a well would found a new city and their own lineage of royalty. Tokkerfry descendents discovered a total of 21 wells.   Caste Liberan society consisted of a caste system of royals (city founders and rulers, as well as family members next in line for inheritance), nobles (royal descendents not in line for inheritance), and commoners. Most women were considered outside of the caste system altogether, exceptions being royals and guards. Many Tokkerfrys were born into the royal caste, others obtained it by discovering infinite wells.   Gender Roles Men were the decision makers of Liberan society. Both men and women were free to make their own choices, but only royal women had any real influence on the running cities. Women were revered and valued, but more like porcelain on a shelf than actual people. Having daughters and female partnership was a great honour, even more so if a man could provide for them. On the other hand, being unable to provide would often result in women leaving for other more capable men.

The greatest honour for a woman would be an invitation to the royal harem, which would allow them to spend the rest of their lives within the private areas of the palace surrounded by other women and royal men. Some women would escape the system and make their own destiny, for example by becoming guards of the royal harem. This was an honourable job, but still didn't give those women any influence.
  Marriage Liberan society had no marital ceremony, and women moved freely between the households of their prefered men. Royalty would not choose a specific partner either, and kings often had large harems within the palace. Queens rarely chose the option of a male harem, but managed to produce offspring none the less   Offspring Children stay and move with their mothers till they are old enough to learn a trade. Within the royal palace, kings produce offspring with women in the harems, who meet no other fertile men during their stay and therefore are guaranteed to carry his children. Liberan kings often produce many children, as multiple women of the harem can be pregnant and nurse simultanously.

Queens often produce few children as they can only carry and nurse one child at a time. A few queens through time have had male harems, but most find partners in court. In the public eye, the queens are sole parents to their children, as royal fraternizations with guards or noble visitors are not outspoken among the common. Liberan nobles officially produce few offspring, as children stay with their mothers who are mostly themselves outside of the caste system.
  Lineage Only one lineage mattered in Liberalis. The royal lineage. While commoners might track both sides a few generations back, royals would know their lineage all the way back to the founding mother or father of the lineage. Non-royal ancestors were not recorded.

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