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The Observer

Following article is written in human language, as Mid'aq letters and terms are extremely difficult to read
A Mid'aq spaceship stationed at the edge of the Earthen solar system. The mission: To observe and learn everything there is to know about humanity. The crew of researchers have access to multiple camera and smaller ships used to observe humans on earth up close.


The Observer
The space ship has multiple rooms:

Control Room

In the Control Room, as the name implies, the future direction of both the ship and 18 smaller Mobeye ships are controlled after being decided at meetings. Recordings are controlled and decided,ship cameras are watched and moved as well.
Typically at least 2 researchers are present in the control room at any time to make sure cameras are recording the most relevant information, and to keep watch for asteroids and other threats from spave to the ship and or the mission.  

Living Quarters

In the living quarters both guests and researchers spend the time that is left when they are not doing research, recieving nutrition or on duty in the control rooms.  

Personel Pods

Each researcher has their own persanol pod, containing a rest chamber and personal effects. the mid'aq spend about 20 % of their time in resting chambers to maintain maximum research efficiency.  

Guest Dorm

The guest dorm contains rest pods for guest to use when needed.  

Meeting Room

In the meeting room, researchers decide on future directionsfor the ship to take for the best recordings, and also decide on the elements of humanity cameras should be focused on. When researchers are not having meetings, the room is used by guests with nothing else to do.  

Nutrition Center

Here, researchers and guests go to recieve nutrition and hydration. One session takes approximately 10% of a mid'aq work day as mid'aqs consume nutrition very slowly.  

Research Center

In the research center, information is interpreted, documented and communicated to guests. This is where the Mid'aq researchers prefer to spend their day.  


Here information is documented and interpreted to draw conclusions about human behavior and anatomy.  


Here, recordings are looked through and sorted for relevant information which can be used to obtain new knowledge about humans.  


Here new knowledge is communicated to guests and on communication systems to important researchers with access to more information on Midas.  


Weapons & Armament

Single laser equipped to pulverize asteroids moving towards The Observer or Earth.

Armor and defense

No particular defense needed as only potential threats in space is asteroids and other rocks.

Communication Tools & Systems

Communication systems for communication with Midas to communicate findings and Mobeyes which are responsible of wider and more close-up observations.


Equipped with multiple cameras, capable of seeing and recording earth activity.

The Observer
Used by
Earth Observation Center
Observing Humanity, Always.
One of a kind
50 m
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
6 Researchers and 8 Guests.

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