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The faceless

The face of a man but not.
Its true face best forgot.
He hunts at night, will show his might.
Plain in a sight, in the center of a crowd.
Nowhere is safe, so don't go out.
Is gone at dawn, but she must go on.

  The faceless is a myth passed down through generations among women of low standing in the warm patriarchal land of Echton. The faceless are creatures said to wonder through Echton cities at night, stalking defenceless women and girls on the streets. Nobody knows what it/he/they look like. Nobody knows his/its/their origin either. It is also unknown if there was only one faceless, or multiple, though simultanous occurances indicate multiple. The faceless were blamed for everything from kidnappings, to unstable minds among girls or unexplained pregnancies, as long as the women or girl was out of sight for a period of times. Victims might return with unrealistic stories of the events during their time away, but what the faceless actually does or why is unknown.

In popular culture the faceless was pictured as a hairless creature with no facial features, but to the contrary the myths indicated that the the faceless could have any face, and as such, be anywhere at any time between dusk and dawn. They might even transform into someone the victim knew. For their protection, fathers, brothers and friends never left women alone at night. A male human being around was said to be the only effective way to ward off the faceless.

Stories of the faceless have been passed from mother to daughter for many generations to keep them from going out alone late at night. They were often used to explain unfortunate events when a male culprit was unknown, or when the story of a young girl of low stature was not believed. The stories told by these girls were lost in time, but writings by a few victims accounting their experence remain at the national archives in Echto, and several humans over time have claimed descending from a faceless.  


In the beginning the faceless were mentioned as men and described with all male features, except the face. Over time those human qualities faded from description, and was later described as an animal, monster or spirit with additional limbs and otherworldly features.  


Whether the faceless ever existed or not, reports of faceless appearances ceased around the time of the revolution.  

Future Perception

In the future the myth was known and discussed by almost everyone. Conspiracy theories suggest that the faceless was of alien origin with the ability to transform and copy the face and body of nearby humans. Others believe that the faceless myth was created and maintained by men of high standing to cover up immoral actions of their sons.
The poem at the top of this article was whispered in the slums of Echto by mothers, though the lack of actual housing for the lowest in society made the people in these areas easy target.  

In culture and literature

The faceless is also famously featured in the novel by women's rights activist Somad Satir, where a young slave girl is waved of by the guards following an assault, because she was out after dusk with no male protection, as they blame the faceless. This was not unusual in Echton before the rebellion. During the rebellion, women would mark the houses of unpleasant men, and places of faceless appearances with a painted symbol which was used far into the future.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

Echton only

This article was made for the The Dread Equinox Lightning Challenge
The Faceless
How the faceless are imagined by the general public.
Unknown, speculated extra-terrestial
Average Height
1.6-2 m
Average Weight
70-200 kg

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Content | 2
An interesting but muddled concept. Faceless creatures are very scary indeed, but the way they go from looking like men, to having no faces to also being animals was a bit odd for me. I would like to see more information on why they think an incident is a Faceless. Because if not it just sounds like a good scapegoat.
Technique | 3
Good word choice and a clear understandable writing style. I would have liked to see a little more flourish in the description though. More showing me the creature rather than just telling me.
Style | 2
A single picture helps, but more is always better! Help build a sense of what makes it scary.
Overall | 7
I think this could be the start of something more, but it needs more detail. Why do people think its a faceless despite different and contradictory reports? Can anyone just point at something and say the Faceless did it? With some clarification and such, this could be a great addition to your world.

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