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The Mid'aq are an alien race that has been watching humanity since they before the building of the pyramids. They are an extremely curious and studious race. Being academic isolationists, they insist that nothing, not even themselves may interfere with their studies, so they watch and study the human race primarily from afar, but also using very advanced technologies which are not detected by human equipment.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Used to living without gravity, the mid'aq have no feet but have mastered the art of floating through the air. The general shape of a mid'aq silhoutte resembles an ellipse. Their heads are not distinguishable from the rest of their bodies aside from a giant eye in the top half of their body. Secondary sensing centers are located in the middle region of their bodies in the shape of bumps and little holes and their outer shell is grey with a texture much like rubber. Coming from a place where genetic selectivity is not as wide spread, a lack of relevant predators has left their bodies suboptimal for life on earth, but that is no problem in space or their home, Mida.

Genetics and Reproduction

This aliens species reproduces by the means of cloning in the sense that individuals, at certain time intervals, split into two. In other words a new indicidual exactly the same as the previous, will grow on the body of that individual. This new individual brings along some of the information of their copy, but is mostly a blank slate.

Growth Rate & Stages

After a cloning, the new individual must learn the knowledge of their predecessors and either take their place, or assist in their work. If not enough work is available, they might be sent out to distribute their knowledge to other mid'aq.

Ecology and Habitats

Mida, the home planet of the mid'aq is their much preferred habitat. It is mostly a lifeless planet, but the mid'aq do not require much nutrition. Even though staying at their home planet is the preference, their instinct will always bring them into space to investigate the lives of different organisms in the known universe.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Very little nutrition is needed. The mid'aq can produce food simply from the trash floating in space, the sun, or very delicious mushroom like organisms from their home planet.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Intelligent to make it into space, this race is extremely curious and systematic in studying specific subjects.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The mid'aq have two dimensional sight due to their single eye. Their hearing is weak and they speak through their sensing region, which disrupts other kinds of sensing. They can detect waves and vibrations accurately, and often make use of that for communications.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Naming is not a thing among the mid'aq. Individuals are recognized but the pattern of their sensing organs (which are located around the belly)

Average Technological Level

Space travel is a common thing among the mid'aq and have for a long time been taken for granted. The accumulation is alpha omega, and more than 40 % of the population are essentially researchers. A large part of the rest are primarily the mid'aq equivalent of students.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Incapable of speech, the mid'aq prefers communication through vibrations which are creating within their secondary sensing organ.

Common Etiquette Rules

The mid'aq care only for their work. They are entirely practical in their approach to each other, but will be aggressive towards anything or anyone that might threaten their studies and observations. such as multiple meteors heading into the solar system from the wrong angle.


The mid'aq made it into space before humanity had left the ancient caves and walked into the light. They have been watching the humans from afar since before the construction of the pyramids. They watch humanity mainly from their most noticable vehicle, The Observer, which is a research station circling right outside the human solar system. In addition they also have Mobeyes aplenty which observe the earth closer and from different angles then the station itself are capable off. The results of those studies are presented and taught to newer individuals, who might then in turn choose to join the research team. The mid'aq cannot always figure human trends and the likes out, and therefore, aoccationally if not often, give a wrong explanation of the reason behind their observations.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The mid'aq see humans as study subjects. Present only to teach them about the world, and uninteresting if they are not doing anything new or interesting. They spend much teaching eah other about the lives of other species in space.

Conservation Status
Protecting humans from extinction for academic purposes.
Average Height
2 m
Average Weight
500 g

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