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Festival of Passing

The Festival of Passing is held all over Ropla at different points in time, when the dark zone passes over a territory. Divided into 3 events withthe beginning and each marked with an event, Sunset of Prayer, Midnight of Silence, and Dawn of Feasting.   *Illustration explaining the dark zone*

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The Dark Zone passing has always been a sign of misfortune and has brought many catastrophes as creatures migrate accross the Dark Zone to Ropla and attack the territory beneath it. After the development of the calendar and the realization that the passing came regularly on schedule, the festival of passing slowly developed around Ropla. Especially territories hit heavily by migrating creatures needed a source of hope.  

Adventure Revolution

After the Adventure Revolution, when adventuring had become an acknowledged profession, traders, workers and citizens began hosting markets and quest fests in the beginning of the passing to attract adventurers for protection. Most moved on again quickly, but some stayed for the full period of passing. Some nobles would even hire Adventurers as guards during the quest fests, then leave them to watch and protect their holdings for the entire passing while they themselves left the territory.  

The Leviathan Crisis

The migration and attack of the great Leviathan during The Leviathan Crisis intensified the fear of the people during the future passings.


The festival has 3 main events marking different stages of the passing.   *Sunset of Prayer, markets and adventurers flocking in*

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Sunset of Prayer

The Sunset of Prayer is held on the first day of passing, meaning the day the Dark Zone enters the territory. During the Sunset of Prayer, the people originally prayed to their deities for protection during the common passing. It also meant time for preparations to be made. It means strengthening buildings, increasing the guards, those who were able would leave the land till after the passing.   After the Adventure Revolution markets began being held offering a unusually high amount of quests at all levels to attract Adventurers for additional protection.  

Midnight of Silence

Talking at all is considered unlucky during the Midnight of Silence, which is the day the middle of the dark zone is closest to the center of the territory. It is a time where the population hold their breath, light candles of prayer all over the land in the hopes of repelling dark creatures and gather with the families in complete silence. This is the most risky part of the passing, as it is the time where Spawn is closest.   *Lit candles and prayers at the Midnight of Silence*
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  Few residents sleep this day of night, but gather around sources of light such as fires and candles. Looking at the faces of their closest ones during this entire time of risk reassures the residents and keeps them from worrying unnecessarily about the survival of those family members.  

Dawn of Feasting

On the very last day of passing, the day where the Dark Zone leaves a territory is the Dawn of Feasting. People dance and party in the streets, and returning nobles and lingering adventures join in the celebrations. Families gather in a relief for a great feast and give each other presents, congratulating each other on the passed threat.   *Dawn of feasting, people dancing in the streets and nobles returning*
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Workers, citizens and other permanent residents

Permanent residents usually stay during the entire festival of passing, simply because they cannot go anywhere else for that long.   In the early parts of the festival, they attempt to attract adventurers for their own protectiong furing the Sunset of Prayer with big markets, parties and guest fests where saved up quests are put up for offer.   During the Midnight of Silence, they set up and candles everywhere overnight to illuminate the darkest parts of the year in their lands. Relief only arrived at the Dawn of Feasting where local residents partied in the streets in great relief as the danger had passed for now.  

Nobility and Royalty

Nobility, royalty and anyone else with holdings in other lands usually travel there during the festival of passing and only return in time to join the parties for the dawn of feasting. Only in a few lands to the highly ranked and rich choose to remain with the rest of the population during this time of risk.  


Adventurers flock to areas currently in Sunset Prayer due to the high density of available quests at all levels. Many do the then available quests and move on, but a few choose to stay till the feasts start.   *arrival of the dark legion*
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The Dark Legion

This specialized formation of soldiers are experts on the dark zone and the creatures migrating through it. They follow the center of the zone all year round and as only spend time in lands currently in Midnight Silence.


The festival is obeserved from the time the Dark Zone enters a territory, till the time it exist. The first day is the Sunset of Prayer, when it is centered right above the territory it is Midnight of Silence, when it exits the territory it is time for the Dawn of Feasting. The festival has different lengths, based on how directly above the Dark Zone passes.   *Festival of passing calendar for each territory*

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Symbol of the passing
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Related Location
the Passing Time where the dark zone is passing a specific territory   *Little notes about local variants*

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23 Dec, 2018 12:07

The more I read, the more I love the whole idea that the setting is sort of centered around adventurers becoming a legitimate thing. I really enjoy the context thoughts you give it, like merchants setting up stuff specifically to attract adventurers and "Quest-fest": it's great to see all those things about how would the world change if "Adventurer" was a career path. :D   I know it's there as WIP, but the article will really benefit from explaining what the Dark Zone is for those of us less than up to date about everything in the setting. I'm seeing some sort of migatory "evil storm" type of thing with lots of monsters, dungeons springing up and adventure bait everywhere. How long do the Dark Zone last for? Is it only one day?

23 Dec, 2018 14:11

Yes, the thing with the dark zone i'm hearing about understanding problems about from multiple sides, so i'll be doing a law article on the movements of planets where i can explain it proper and reference it everywhere. Also how long it is, i've avoided adding till now because i needa do some calculations (for that other article) to figure out what's realistic when a large planet and small planet are circling each other, because it would depend on how large the shadow would be compared to the planet, andwhat pattern it would follow. The calendar will use the movement of the dark zone as a time divider like months.   Yea the base for this world was, in what kinda world, could the mmo kinda adventuring really work as a career? and i'm having a lot of fun with it ^.^

23 Dec, 2018 14:22

It's awesome! :D I think I'd be a scribe or something though - less danger than dungeon-crawling :P

28 Dec, 2018 16:41

Quite an interesting article! However, I was wondering, what exactly makes this dark zone quite so dangerous? I get that there are a lot of evil massive monsters, but since they move with the dark zone, wouldn't the defenders cull their populations down, especially after this adventure revolution? How big is this dark zone, and how long does the midnight last exactly? Quite cool, but I'd definitely like some more explanation.

28 Dec, 2018 16:51

How large and how long it is i still need to determine, i also need to figure out if it hits all territories, i'm planning to do that when i'm doing my "Movements of Roplan Planets and Time" article in one of the coming days. I would like to know what you mean with culling the populations down, and why you think that would be logical? if you mean moving, that option is only really open to nobles with holdings elsewhere (andthey do use it) but other residents can't really leave their homes and workplaces a few months a year (which is what i thiiink it'll be). Thanks for your feedback btw ^.^

28 Dec, 2018 16:56

Divided into 3 events with the beginning and each marked with an event, Sunset of Prayer, your space ran away here. " that the passing completely came regularly on schedule, the festival of passing slowly and this sentence is a little weird. Not sure what's really saying lol but i got you on it. There is a rouge G in this one "In the early parts of the festival, they attempt to attract adventurers for their own protection"   I hate grammar so much but there's a few in their so maybe a quick proofread. Lol, either way, i really like the way you present the festival. The fact that you hint at the reasons and imply the origins of each phase of the festival is nice as well. Especially the silence during the riskiest time. Now i don't know much about your world. I think it's the first time I've visited so its hard to not ask a question regarding things other articles state. I hope it doesn't seem a cop-out but you mention quests of all levels numerous times. What are levels in the context of the world? Why are quests so prominent during this time. Is it just to attract adventures to protect? What kind of quests are there like some examples?

29 Dec, 2018 05:39

If the Dark Zone is always in motion, is this festival the same everywhere it goes on Ropla? I was guessing it was some kind of floating region in the sky, but from reading the comments, it appears to be a planet, moon, or asteroid type of thing, maybe a spaceship locked in orbit?   I'm going to join the chorus of liking how this legitimizes adventuring as a career choice. I also really like how you have the classist divide between those who can just up and leave and those who must stay, even if the Dark Zone covers them, and then nobility just returns when it's convenient for them. Made me smile at the added detail that adds depth to the nobility ranks.   Does the Dark Zone hide away the stars from the people as well?