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End of the Great

During The Leviathan Crisis the Great Leviathan had migrated accross the Dark Zone and was spreading chaos and destruction on Ropla.   In this battle in 5672, a few days after passing, Sir Paltos and a few parties entered a do or die battle with the Great Leviathan in the lands of Svarta to end The Leviathan Crisis.   The battle resulted in the defeat of the Great Leviathan, and returned peace to Ropla for a time.

The Conflict


For many years, a large creature had been visible from Ropla, slowly moving accross the surface of Spawn.   The Great Leviathan invaded Ropla in the end of 5671 by migrating accross the Dark Zone into Lushé shortly after their Midnight of Silence (part of the Festival of Passing).   Right after the migration the Leviathan caused great destruction with many casualties in Lushé. Being one of the main food suppliers, this sent Ropla into a time period where not only was food scarce and many frightened of the roads, but the leviathan moved from territory to territory, leaving a path of death and destruction anywhere it went. This time period was later known as The Leviathan Crisis.   *trail of destruction behind the leviathan*

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  For a long time, no one knew what to do. A Leviathan this size had never been defeated before. Smaller Leviathans had migrated accross the Dark Zone before, but the thick shell made it extremely invulnerable, and the sheer size of it allowed to crush or consume any Adventurer in it's way. Many adventurers longed for the honour and glory awaiting the one who could defeat the leviathan single handedly, but nobody had the strength and courage to go up against the Great Leviathan.   By the middle of 5672, the residents of Ropla were getting desperate. Food stores where getting low, many families had lost close members. A Levithan Cult had risen and travelled behind it, admiring the work of their deity in the hopes that it might spare followers.   With no one skilled enough to defeat the Great Leviathan, the Guild Master of Ventura Sir Paltos who was later credited for the defeat, began gathering specialized parties to fight the leviathan for a large battle which would give the Roplans the highest chance of survival. Adventurers were asked to propose different strategies, and divided into parties specialized in executing that particular strategy.


At the initiation of the attack, the Great Leviathan was floating over the black forest. A trail of broken trees led through the forest to Dragon Cove from where it had just arrived, and it was then heading towards Black Rock.   Its followers, the Leviathan Cult, had just crossed the Dragon Cove border into Svarta along the path of destruction and were at this point 298 members strong. Of those 298, 42 were previous adventures with 16 clerics, 14 rogues, 8 warriors and 4 mages.   *leviathan over Black Forest*

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  Roplan residents attacked with teams of Adventurers led by Sir Paltos, who refused to bring adventurers below the silver Adventurer's Badge level. They approached Svarta from the corner joining Svarta, Black Rock and Haven.   The Adventurers consisted of 8 Parties of 4-6 people for a total of 44 adventurers. The plan was for the parties to split and surround the Leviathan to attack from every side till a weak point was discovered. The roplan side consisted of 12 warriors, 9 mages, 9 rogues, 7 clerics and 4 specialists. Participating parties are listed below.  

1st Leading Party

This party was led by Sir Paltos who was joined by 3 close friends, a thunder mage, a shadow archer, and an engineer with communicative specialty, which would be utilized for the coordination of the attack. They would be doing so from right beneath the Leviathan, where the distance to each team would allow optimal communication.  

2nd Tanking Party

This party was in charge of distracting the Leviathan and attempt defeat by brute force. Though defeat in this way was unlikely, it left the other parties free to execute their own strategies. This party consisted of 4 very strong warriors, as well as 2 clerics, one specialized in healing and another specializing in warrior buffs. This party would attack the Leviathan from the front, with the clerics staying in the shadows to support the warriors.  

3rd Arching Party

This party consisted of 4 archers, one warrior and one cleric specializing in aim and power increasing buffs, hoping to find and shoot the weak point of the Leviathan. This party would attack the front right side of the leviathan and then move around it, looking for a weakness.  

4th Explosive Party

In attempt to blow the Leviathan up, a party of 3 pyro specialists, one archer, a mage and a warrior was combined and brought to battle. They would attack the back left side of the Leviathan.  

5th Ice Party

With the weakness of the Leviathan unknown, 3 ice mages were gathered in a party with a warrior, a rogue and a cleric, hoping for a weakness to ice. This team would attack the back right side of the Leviathan.  

6th Fire Party

Another proposed weakness was fire, therefore this party was created consisting of 3 fire mages, a warrior, a rogue and a cleric. This party would attempt attacks from the front left side of the Leviathan.  

7th Siege Party

Though considered a long shot, a group of assassins suggested the possibility of the weakness being on top. 3 assassins, a mage and a warrior specializing in throwables were assembled in a party, the plan being to move to a high point nearby, lighten the assassins with magic and then have the warrior throw the assassins onto the Leviathan.  

8th Supporting Party

Healing and rescue of injured team members was the resposibility of this team which consisted of two warriors, a rogue and 2 clerics specializing in healing.This team would stay back unless notified by the leading team or otherwise called by team members in need.   *the participating parties*
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At the time of engagement, the Leviathan was hovering over the black forest of Svarta. The main part of the battle right there above the forest, but towards the conclusion the Leviathan attempted flight towards the lake and crashed into it. Being soon after passing, Spawn stood the horizon, but the territory was bathed in light. The lake and the forest were still completely black, the forest being the obvious hiding spot, and the lake shining in the sunlight like a large pool of oil.   As battle raged on, the day passed and clouds began to gather. Just before midnight, rain began pouring down and above Black Rock on the horizon, glimting rays connected heaven and earth in lightning rays releasing loud cracks of thunder.   *two types of weather on the battlefield as adventurers approaches, and in the midst of battle*

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The weather at the beginning of the battle was completely clear and light after a long passing with Spawn on the horizon. During the fight the weather changed to pouring rain with thunder and lightning on the horizon over Black Rock. The black forest of Svarta in which the happened occured was Dryad territory, though individuals of the species were warned and most evacuated the area beforehand.

The Engagement

Taking positions

Upon passing the border and spotting the Leviathan floating towards them slowly, the group split into teams with the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th parties moving towards the front, the 3rd and 5th parties to the left, and the 4th and 6th parties to the right.   *parties in position*  

Main Attack

Having surrounded the Leviathan, the parties launched their attacks. Fire, ice, arrows and bombs shoot at the Leviathan as it dived to attack the tanking party. One warrior was killed on the spot already during the first attack, but being attacked from all sides quickly led to a loss of efficiency in the leviathan attack, as it turned indecisively to determine the biggest threat. No attack alone seemed effective, though it seemed to react especially to thunder and ice attacks.  

Cult Resistance

Members of the Leviathan Cult soon caught up to the battle. Seeing the attacks flying at their deity, and their deity writhing and turning to return the attack, most cult members decided to abandon the cult, and ran in the opposite direction. Some however, moved to the sources of the attacks to protect their deity. The parties attacking from the back were their main victims.   *cult members attacking the siege party as the last assassin is tossed*
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  They arrived at the location of the siege party as the last assassin was tossed at the Leviathan. Though he fought a valiant battle protecting the cleric with him, they were both killed by cult members. By then, the leading party had heard what was going on and was rushing to the aid of their comrades, leaving the Leviathan to the parties attacking from the front.   Before the cult members were stopped, they had taken down a pyro specialist, the thunder mage of the leading party, the warrior of the ice party and a cleric from the supporting party. Only a few attacking cult members survived the battle.  


The battle raged on for a long time. Only one warrior remained of the tanking party by now, and he could not keep its attention any longer. Two assassins on top of the leviathan were killed in the search of a weak spot, one by being squished by a giant fin, the other being violently tossed of as the leviathan turned. One fin swept through the forest floor and hit two ice mages who were both killed on the spot.   *fin sweeping over the forest floor*
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  The Leviathan was clearly weakening, but so was the Adventurers, and a fatal flaw had yet to be discovered. Most arrows seemed to do it no harm. It had taken severe injuries to the fins from the sword of Sir Paltos as they passed by, but warriors could mostly merely defend their comrades. The thick shell seemed to take little to no damage from their weapons.  

Last Resort

With both mana and ammunition running out quickly, the Adventurers were getting desperate. The Leviathan was floating lower over the forest now, almost touching the top of the trees. Then, an archer, lowering his bow at the last minute in sheer exhaustion, missed the point he was aiming for and instead, shot the arrow into a spot on the front of the leviathans undershell. Though it looked just as solid as the rest of the shell, the arrow went through as if shooting into water. The levithan turned sharply in pain, clearly writhing.   Having seen it, the full force of the remaining adventurers focused on the one point. Spells were flying, warriors, including Sir Paltos spent their very last strength, throwing their weapons at that exact point right above the trees. Though most missed, the spear of Sir Paltos hit it right on the spot. It let out a cry of thunder that rolled across the land. The last assassin, having made his way under the shell using climbing spikes and rope, was now at the point of the shell. He drew the darkest poisoned dagger in his arsenal, and shoved it into the wound.   *assassin approaching heavily attacked soft spot*
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Whether it was the massive amounts of attacks, the poison, or the very last effort aimed at it's right front soft spot that worked in the end is unknown, but having recieved a fatal blow, the leviathan made a last attempt of flight accross the black lake. It was now too weak and could not continue the flight, so it soon lost height and then plunged into the black lake, where it stayed, dead. The one assassin remaining on top of the leviathan, was later found on the shore of the lake, ill and injured, but alive.


The battle ended with the defeat of the Great Leviathan. Thereby, peace returned to Ropla for a time. As it died, it crashed into the black lake, causing a large wave of tainted water filled with poisonous plants and fish to wash over the shores around the lake, and drops of black water to rain in nearby territories.   The life fluid of the Leviathan slowly seeped out into the black lake, polluting and turning it from pitch black to dark glowing purple. The corpse was after then, seen floating in the lake, with nobody knowing what to do with it.   The Leviathan Cult dissolved and most of the surviving members returned to their homes to rebuild. A few stayed, some to mourn the Leviathan, others believing it was a question of time before it would rise again from the lake.   *leviathan in the lake, right after battle and many years later*

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Though the Leviathan was defeated, fear during passing increased. The people had seen and felt the risk involved with a passing and was always afraid of history repeating itself during their own Festival of Passing. Because of this, residents worked very hard before and during passings to attract more Adventurers for their own protection.   The Dark Legion was established, travelling with the center of the dark zone to protect the people under it. Many experienced Adventurers spent time travelling with the legion, for they encountered some of the strognest creatures of Ropla on their journey and it was great training. Though it didn't pay much, residents of territories the legion passed through would keep them fed and warm for free in exchange the protection.   The remaining cult members initiated rumors of the Mother Leviathan on The Dark Side of Spawn. This mother of the Great Leviathan would be much larger, and they now formed a cult around it, saying it would be returning for vengence.   The corpse of the Geat Leviathan stayed in the lake. Soil and seeds were blown there with the wind and carried by the waved, and it became and island, floating around on the surface.  

Battle Summary


Roplan Adventurers

The Leviathan

The Leviathan Cult


The Roplan adventurers initiated the battle to protect their homeland and loved ones.

The leviathan which had crossed the Dark Zone to Ropla spread chaos and destruction on the planet.

Followed the leviathan. Some resisted the attack of the adventurers.

Participating Forces

44 adventurers:
12 warriors
9 mages
9 rogues
7 clerics
4 specialists

1 leviathan

298 cult members:
8 warriors
4 mages
14 rogues
16 clerics
256 civilians

Remaining Forces

28 adventurers:
7 warriors
6 mages
7 rogues
5 clerics
3 specialists


6+(265) cult members:
(1) warriors
1+(2) mages
1+(5) rogues
3+(2) clerics
1+(255) civilians
(Surviving but abandoning members marked in brackets)


Obtained safety without with some casualties.

Defeated and crashed into the Black Lake, dead.

Most members abandoned the cult, a few died. The remaining started the cult of the Mother Leviathan.

Historical Significance

Descriptions of the events remained noted in history for millenia. History books correctly described the participation of many Adventurers and the key roles of those in the event, but popular culture quickly considered the defeat the achievement of Sir Paltos alone.


Signs of the battles were visible in the landscape many years later. All around Ropla ruins, replaced and repaired buildings marked the path of the Leviathan. The island in the black lake remained and life grew over it, with plants digging their roots into the shell and nurturing themselves from its insides. Plants on the island continued to carry a purple glow, as the essence of the leviathan became infused with their nature.   Gravestones on the shore of the black lake honours those consumed by the Leviathan, or whos bodies weren't found after the battle and a valley of younger trees marks the Leviathans path through the forest.   The mentality of the Roplan population remained marked by the events. Around times of passing, fear and anxiety would be so thick in the air, you could feel it even with none of the people around. At the Silent Midnight, even the sound of footsteps would be kept to a minimum, and livestock would be kept silent in an attempt to pass under the Dark Zone unnoticed, especially by the Mother Leviathan.

In Literature

Sir Paltos and a Leviathan Cult member both wrote their own accounts of the event. Additionally, the members of the team spread the story, which was written down by authors who put the story together with the pieces they heard. The battle became a mandatory part of adventure history lessons.   *Sir Paltos and the leviathan painting*

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In Art

Many paintings and tapestries were made based on the event. Most were heavily romanticised and did not accurately describe the event. In many versions, Sir Paltos is seen defeating the great leviathan alone from the top of a hill. Rarely, his party is displayed. The rest of the teams are close to never represented in art.

Technological Advancement

The battle led to advances mostly in knowledge about fighting Leviathans, which was gathered and investigated by Adventurer specialists of science. Additionally, it led to new advances in possible Party combinations.

*ragged symbol of the great leviathan*
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
4th day after passing in Svarta, 5672
Ending Date
5th day after passing in Svarta, 5672
Conflict Result
The Greal Leviathan was killed after a great struggle and the Leviathan Cult almost dissolved.


Roplan Residents

Led by
Sir Paltos   Strength:
An army of adventurers of different races, ranks, abilities, and courage.   Casualties:
Many lives lost, even more injured before the defeat.   Objectives:
The defeat of the leviathan, for the protection of families and loved ones.  

The Great Leviathan

Very thick shell of solid chrystalline.   Casualties:
Leviathan dead after war.   Objectives:
Food and creation of a safe nesting environment.  

The Leviathan Cult

Less than 300 members strong of which less than 50 can fight, but uses any means for the protection of leviathans.   Casualties:
Down to 6 members after the defeat, and had trouble gathering a new following after, though they spread the myth of the mother leviathan being on The Dark Side of Spawn.   Objectives:
Protecting the Leviathans to live in their shadow after the rest of the Roplan citizens are killed.

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