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This small fire creature is the embodiment of passion and excitement. It is in the shape of a small floating ball of fire. This creature feeds off of passion and excitement and are usually behaving excitedly. It is very cuddly and often kept as a pet by light hearted Adventurers who benefit from their encouraging abilities such as the Emberite Spark. Owners of emberites often develop an emberite like personality.   Emberites thrive best in warm places filled with happy, passionate and excited people, but weaken and eventually die in cold places void of excitement and happiness. In such places, they can only survive when sustained by their owners passion, excitement and happiness. As such, emberite owners rarely go to such places if they know about the risks.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Emberites manifest in the shape of a small ball of fire with facial features.

Genetics and Reproduction

Emberites reproduce by splittage. When surrounded by a lot of excitement and passion, they explode in excitement and thereby split into multiple emberites. In nature, this excitement might be caused by two emberites meeting and exciting each other. They have common offspring when they explode as they bump into each other. This method of reproduction might lead to a wave of offspring. If it happens simultanously within a city, this might cause a panic which leads to the death of many newborn emberites as they sense the fear and terror when emberites are seen multiplying like wildfire.

Growth Rate & Stages

Emberites grow in a diameter over time. They shrink a bit after a splittage.

Ecology and Habitats

In nature, emberites only appear in Scorched Plains, where the heat keeps them alive even when not around too much passion or excitement.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Emberites feed off of excitement and passion within other emberites as well as other creatures. This does not consume those emotions but feeds them like a fire warming the skin. Emberites have multiple abilities which induce excitement and passion within susceptable targets, such as the Emberite Spark.

Additional Information


Often kept as pets by Adventurers, emberites are very loyal and will follow the adventurer anywhere, encouraging and exciting them. This might be dangerous though, emberites feed on passion and excitement. Staying with an adventurer in a hopeless situation might lead to their death.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only appear naturally in Scorched Plains where they are sustained by the head.

Average Intelligence

Not very intelligent, emberites are followers and live entirely on instinct.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Aside from touch, hearing and seeing, emberites can sense emotions of people and creatures surrounding them.

Conservation Status
Emberites do not need protection. They only appear naturally in specific areas though.

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30 Dec, 2018 18:18

These guys are pretty cool. I always like it when i see creatures that go beyond physical elements and the feeding on the positive elements of life goes a long way for that. Their methods of reproduction are cool room. The idea that they burst with excitement literally is funny and different though it's sad that it can lead to mayhem at the wrong time. Is there any form of communication? U say they encourage but they are not very intelligent. They can sense emotions as well and I'm wondering how they communicate what they know to an adventurer if they sense ill intentions from someone