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Crafter's Shelf

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You have found a large collection of worlds created by The Crafter. Feel lucky in that you have the chance to review the products on their shelf, not many have that chance. The worlds on the Crafter's shelf varies due to the curious and experimental nature of The Crafter . New worlds were based on his experiments from earlier worlds combined with new ideas, but the exact creation order of the worlds is unknown to all be their maker. Now choose a world and venture forth, or stick around and read about the little known art and science of World Crafting.



Hello. I'm Evi. Welcome to the world that has been inhabiting my brain since i was about 12. Originally this world was created to ward off nightmares, but later it has also become a great tool to understand and investigate aspects of the real world in a safe place, as well as having a lot of fun exploring my own imagination. My perspective is that of a scientist, but also with a great interest in game development. This world isn't for the purpose of any end-product, though i do like to imagine game situations within my world so i would absolutely love to make a game or two out of it at some point, and if one day i should feel like it, i might write a book. But it's not the primary purpose so i've got no restraints. Also note: i'm not an artist and i'm not a native English speaker so excuse my imperfect language and art <3