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The Terrarian Levels

The closest thing to the old home
Both beautiful and dangerous

"Out of all the Levels in Craesto Welk, these Terrarian Levels are said to resemble our ancient home the most. At least if you are to believe the old myths. If you ever were to travel to any of them, be sure to do so well prepared and in good numbers: beasts and monster machines roam them, and if they do not get to you, maybe the environment will.  
— Braedyn, old Lost Scavenger.
Terrarian Levels is the designation for any Lost Level that has seen its hydroponic life-support systems gone haywire. Most Sectors have been completely covered in thick plant growth as a result, to such an extant that most resembles thick jungles., or has transformed into frozen, barren wastelands.
"They certainly give new meaning to the phrase cratium jungle."  
— Braedyn, old Lost Scavenger.

Patterns of the Past

There are however evidence of what the Levels once was: patterns that are only noticeable if one know what to look for, and this is a fact for any of the various types of Terrarian Levels.

Forested Levels

Take the Forested Levels for example, the most common variant: Thick vegetation cling to Cloudscrapers, creating so called Cloudreach Wilds, held up by jagged cratium- and metal skeletons. Around them, diverse plant growth spread out in broad roads, which can turn sections of them into water filled swamps or a small, hot savanna in another, depending on the — usually erratic — workings of the hydroponics.
"You might ask, why would anyone want to visit these Levels, much less live in them? Because there is something primal about them. Something of our old, mythical home when everything wasn't just metal and cratium. You could call it a instinctual nostalgic feeling. You wont fully understand until you have visited to any of them.
If I were to make a recommendation, go to Terrarian Level 53. It is by far the most safe Lost Level, but it is still dangerous to visit if you do not have at least on experienced Lost Scavenger at your side."  
— Braedyn, old Lost Scavenger.


"I would highly suggest that you do not question to much about how the Terrarian Levels were made. I have known many curious people who have disappeared as a result."  
— Braedyn, old Lost Scavenger.

System failure

The most accepted theory for the cause of the Terrarian Levels, is simple enough. The advanced hydroponic life-support- and weather control system has malfunctioned to near ridiculed levels, and transformed the Urban Levels into near exact imitation of humanity's home of origin. The transformation process takes several years to be considered completed, and unfortunately, it takes even longer time to repair the failed hardware and software that caused everything to begin with. Some of the Terrarian Levels are several decades old and will soon reach century old age, such as Terrarian Level 53 or 79.   This theory is sanctioned by The Craesto Authority, as well as Craestorism.

Deliberate sabotage

A more conspiratorial theory is that the Craesto Authority or some insurgency organization deliberately sabotaged the hydroponic life-support- and weather control system. The reason why depends on who you blame and what you affiliate yourself with.

Craesto Authority

"The Craesto Authority has something to do with the Terrarian Levels. Of that I have no doubt. It is obviously a way for them to cover something up, something that might even be the instrument of their possible fall. Maybe they even function as a form of experiemnt, to see how different enivorments would affect the levels or something of that nature."  
— Charliza, Construction worker.

Insurgency Organisation

"If you ask me, the Terrarian Levels are acts of terrorism preformed by any of the damn Insurgency Organizations that plague Craest Welk. They see it as a means to create safe havens for themselves, and where the Authority's law and peace are nearly none existent. Of course they would try and put the blame on system failure or the Authority. If they made their actions known, they would be flayed alive!"  
— Alexander, Guardian.

Contested By
Related Professions
Level 53 — Forested Level.

A few known Terrarian Levels

    • Level 12 — Desert Level.
    • Level 19 — Arctic Level.
    • Level 23 — Forested Level.
    • Level 34 — Aquatic Level.
    • Level 53 — Forested Level.
    • Level 72 — Forested Level.
    • Level 79 — Arctic Level.

Types of Terrarian Levels

    • Forested Level — Common.
    • Desert Level — Unusual.
    • Arctic Level — Unusual.
    • Aquatic Level — Rare.
    • Bare Level — Rare.

Level 79 — Arctic Level.

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