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Screaming Crystal

It is a shocking disease.

"Aaaahhhhhh! Aaaahhhhhh....!"  
— An Obsidian Blitz, who stops screaming and starts weeping quietly,
somewhere nearby in a dark hallway.
  One of the most enigmatic pathogens that exist within the thick metallic shell of Craesto Welk, is Screaming Crystal. A horrible disease that affects its victims minds, as well as their flesh. Experiencing it is pure agony, as it feels as if electrical shocks surges through one's blood vessels, or one's bones become coated in a hot layer of ice.  

The namesake

A few days after receiving the disease, those who have become infected notices their skin bulging outwards to form something akin to big warts. These bulges begins to harden into a black, crystalline material only a few hours afterwards, twenty four hours at most. The pain from this process reduces the infected into weeping, half-mad wrecks, that seemingly unpredictably will begin to scream their lungs out.  

The Screaming Levels

Every infected found is rounded up and sent to the Screaming Levels, between Level 56 and 61. Most of those that are sent to these levels dies there, and but every ones in a while does one infected survive the disease. If these individuals aren't then later killed by starvation or dehydration, or by Feral Obsidian Blitzers, then the survivors need to travel to either the levels beneath level 56, or above Level 61. And both ways are heavily patrolled by ATERUN:s and Guardians.  


Those who survive are generally called Blitzers, and are highly sought after by the Authority. Not only because their numbers are so rare, but because they also posses a more stable version of the Screaming Crystal's ability to allow its infected to produce electrical charges through their crystallized bulges, and use them as both long- and close-range weapons. Therefor, most Blitzers live in hiding, forever hunted. But a few choose to fight the Authority, while others join it.  


Its origin is unknown, but many believe that is was synthetically created by the Authority to quell and decrease the population of Craesto Welk. At least on Level 62 to 82 and 50 to 40. The Authority strongly denies this, and anyone who speaks of these conspiracies are lucky if they get a beating and a hefty fine.

Believed to have been created artificially by the Authority.
5 years
The first infected was discovered in Level 59, five years ago.
Infected Demonym
Fobs (2).png
Fobs — or Feral Obsidian Blitzers — are usually those who are in the final stage of the disease. Driven mad by the agony of their affliction, they are more ravaging animals than humans. They have a habit of attacking any living being that comes near them, and are even documented to attack patrolling ATERUN:s.   They also have a deadly habit of unleashing electrical charges unto their opponents, which will most of the time turn them into burning husks of meat, which will be promptly devoured by the Fob in a fit of madness.

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