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Lost Scavenger

Those who travel to the countless Lost Levels to scavenge for precious resources, or map out the Level, or simply for the sake of exploration. They sometimes act as guides too. Usually, they travel in groups of at least two or three, but there are a respectable number of those who work solo.   Most of their numbers are seen as rebellious by the Craesto Authority, as they seek to travel to the very Levels that has nearly no administrative connection to it. A few are however paid by the Authority to travel to these Levels, usually as cartographers or guides.  

Master, Apprentice & Community

The most common system of teaching a fellow person to become a Lost Scavenger, is to make her an apprentice. This system is looked down upon by most of those outside the community, and some Masters even faces harassment from those who believe they know best.   But what many of those outside the community do not understand, is that the L.S.C — Lost Scavenger Community — sees itself as one really huge family that takes care of its members, and help the so-called Duckters grow in experience. The Master is the foremost teacher however.  


Usually, a portion of the equipment a Lost Scavenger carries has been gifted to him by his Master, and a few other basics by the L.S.C when he received the definitive privileged to call himself an Lost Scavenger. As most Lost Scavengers focus their interest on one particular type of Lost Level, such as a Forested Terrarian Level, their equipment mirrors their work-environment.  

Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment is considered to be of Safety Class and are carried by every Lost Scavenger. The Lost Levels are dangerous and many are inhabited by viscous beasts, calculating Monster machines, and sometimes even other humans. As such, one need to be protected.  


The single most essential equipment a Lost Scavenger is considered to have, is their knife, which are usually a gift from their Master. A good knife can be a life-safer in all kinds of situations, and also a generally good working tool.
The knife can be replaced with something else, like an axe or a pickax, but it is a rarity.  


Armor: it is everything that could stand between you and certain death. Most of the armors used by Lost Scavengers are made from prime materials, that can see years of hard usage before they need to be replaced.
Armor are also what man Lost Scavengers spend their time on customizing to both work as best it can in their work environment, and show a personality. It is said that an experienced Lost Scavenger can learn a lot about someone just by inspecting their armor: their history, their favorite occupation and in what community circles they keep themselves to.  


Without a radio, or terminals, as they are also called, a Lost Scavenger would more often than not be completely cut off from the more civilized Levels. Usually, more then one is carried on person, with one being more sturdier and durable than the next. A working radio can not only be used as a means to call for aid in a desperate situation, but also to bring others to one's location when something interesting — or similar — has been found.
Alternative Names
Deckers, Scrubs, Duckters, Lost Explorers.
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