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For tens of thousands of years, humanity on Cradle has scrabbled for survival, beholden to the whims of extreme climatic shifts and natural disasters.   Several thousand years ago, however, Cradle entered a state of relative calm. Tentatively, humanity began to re-establish itself. When the Ekurians discovered Firestone, everything changed. This magically charged ore allowed for them to harness tremendous amounts of power, and brought dramatic advancements to every aspect of life.   Over the next few millennia, the Ekurian empire rose to dominate the entirety of Euria. It was a time of peace and prosperity, made possible by the power of Firestone and advancements in magitech. A sudden and severe ice age put an end to Ekurian Empire, but this time humanity was able to ride it out.   Recovery once the climate started to warm was explosive, and as old and new nations grew so did competition for relatively limited resources. With the Ekurian Empire in tatters and its monopoly on magitech and Firestone broken, new conflicts and empires rose. Cultural and technological advancement continued, and numerous nations reached out to explore the larger world around them for the first time. This resulted in explorers confirming the existence of a new continent far across the ocean to east. The seemingly limitless riches of this new land sparked a colonization rush by the Eurian nations.   But the colonists aren't alone in this new land, and that discovery is going to change everything.

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